Can my sister travel with her school ID?

Hi, can you please post this for me! I’m going to be going on vacation to Disney with my kids and 18-year-old sister! My sister doesn’t have her license yet. She was scheduled to get it this summer, but her appointment got pushed back due to COVID! She has a school id only! She is 18 graduated this year from high school! My question is will her school id be ok to travel with?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can my sister travel with her school ID?

She can get a state ID or her real ID.

Just have her get an ID it’s easy

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I think after 18, they need a legal ID.


No she can get a state id

Simple: state I.d is acceptable. When she is ready for her drivers license they will take state I.d and replace it with license. There will no waiting period for this

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Ask your local authorities and not the internet. Most likely the majority of us are not in your country and have no idea.

Airline employee here. If you’re in the United States….No you cannot use a school ID. Has to be government issued. Passport, Drivers License, State ID. Or she needs 2 forms of government ID like a birth certificate and a social security card to go with the school photo ID.

However, You can get through security without an ID but it’s up to TSA and you have to go through additional security screening that takes longer because they have to confirm your identity in other ways. Make sure you give yourself extra time to do that when you get to the airport.

Note: TSA does not accept the paper copy the DMV gives you while you’re waiting for the actual card in the mail. So if she’s planning on getting a state ID, do it WELL in advance of travel


Super easy to go to the DMV and get a state ID card.

In Illinois, they are $5 for 17 and under $20 for age 18 and over.


depends on the airline. Call them and ask what they deem acceptable. If she has a passport that should work even travel within the country itself, but your best bet is call the airline and ask what the alternatives are

Some states can issue State ID cards for kids as young as 5 years old!

School ID plus birth certificate

No, after 18 it has to be a government issued ID.

In California she can get a state ID card at DMV. Probably need birth certificate and/or ss card.

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You can get a state issued ID from your local court house, for any age. Contact your county clerks office for details.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can my sister travel with her school ID?

A student ID will not work to get on a plane or anything else like that.

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Any photo ID with an unexpired expiration date will work!

Probably not since she’s 18 and legally an adult. She needs proper identification.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can my sister travel with her school ID?

School ID’s generally don’t work. She needs a state issued ID card.

My daughter’s 16. Her school ID does not show her bday

I thought you had to have a state ID at 18. I would call the airline.

Use birth certificate along with the ID you have. Explain that covid has set back the appointments to get a proper state ID. Worked for my son who is in the same situation. Calling ahead to places you plan on going and asking if you need an ID might also answer the questions.

She’ll need a passport to go to Disney?