Can paraguard effect your period?

So, I have the paraguard iud and have since July of 2018. My periods had been normal up until this month where I spotted super dark almost brown for 3 days then it went away and I’ve had clear or white discharge off and on. I am cramping really bad and nauseous all the time and have pain on my left lower abdomen. My period should have started on the 12th. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this or not.

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Have u called ur doctor or gone to the walk in to make sure things are ok inside? If it has been happening for more then 48 hours, go to a doctor. A walk in doctor will help and let u know if u need further testing and then sent u to the hospital for ultrasounds if needed.

I got it removed due to episodes similar to this and more. I literally felt like I was going through labor and excessive bleeding. Suffered for 14 months. I know everyone is different but just wanted to share my experience. Always best to consult with your Gyno or PCP.

If it gets worse or period doesnt start in a day or so I’d see a dr. Sounds like what my tubal pregnancy felt like (while on that implant)