Can people share what not to eat when breastfeeding?

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Your body takes vitamins and stuff (like iron) from your blood and then your body takes those and makes breast milk. So your body isn’t putting jalapenos into your blood and making your breast milk and baby gassy. There are very few things you shouldn’t eat. Babies are naturally gassy, their digestive system is brand new. Stay away from energy drinks (taurine and stuff isn’t good) Fenugreek has been known to kill milk supply in about 50% of women and cause stomach issues in infants, so stay away from that. That’s all I can think of at the moment


I eat everything, on purpose because I don’t want my child to have any food sensitivity, some drs say it helps to introduce certain foods while breastfeeding so they’ll have less of a chance of a sensitivity to certain foods such as seafood, peanuts, shellfish, and other common things ppl are allergic to


Other than alcoholic beverages (well I did drink a couple of beers a week for milk supply) and too much caffeine, I ate anything I wanted to with all three. The baby will let you know if there is an issue. With my first born, at about 3 weeks, I noticed blood in his stool. Quick trip to allergist who said cut out dairy and he was good to go!

It depends on the baby honestly. My son was fine with pretty much everything. Occasionally something would give him gas, like if I ate something spicy. I have known a few babies that had a sensitivity to the mom eating dairy. But, it’s one of those things you don’t really know until you try.

Lettuce, caffeine and cinnamon were very tough on my babies stomachs. Also peppermint drops your milk supply. Scharenberg Chiro helped so much with both of my sons tummy issues.

Every baby is different. With my son I ate or drank anything I wanted (not any alcohol) even as much coffee as I wanted he was golden.
My daughter however is 3 months old and I’m on a strict no dairy diet because she has a sensitivity.
Pay attention to what you eat and drink and you’ll start to notice what you baby has problems with.
A food/drink diary will help.
I had to have my pediatrician help figure it out with my daughter.

Anything gassy, broccoli, cabbage. Transfers through to baby

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Mine was broccoli… would cause the baby gas.

It can be trial and error you may eat something that doesn’t agree with the baby


I cant drink anything with caffeine in it or eat anything with red sauces. My little’s tummy gets so upset. Also no alcohol.

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Avoid greens. They give gas. Like cooked cabbage and collards. What typically upsets your stomach upsets baby’s too.

I ate everything. Only thing I didn’t do was drink alcohol. I know drs say it’s safe but I just didn’t feel comfortable :woman_shrugging:t2:


Beans, or any veg that contains gas, it mkes babies tummy twist

Not really something you eat but don’t drink coffee. If you do your baby will be up all night

Certain things lowers supply… Let me find a visual real quick. :slight_smile:

I ate and drank anything I wanted to. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I eat everything I don’t drink anything but water tho! Oh and a cup of coffee

Every mom and every baby are different.

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Tomatoes (have a lot of acid) and alcohol .

My daughter was born 5 days before St. Patrick’s Day[2015]. Found out the hard way I shouldn’t have had my corned beef and cabbage dinner! Lol

No alcohol or drugs
Id just ask your dr what medicines you can take safely

It’s trial and error… from here on out! Eat what you usually like. When kid is 12 and telling you what a horrible human you are, you’ll get mad about all you’ve sacrificed. :joy: sorry, mother of 3 in their early 30’s… and one that’s 18 and about to graduate high school.

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You don’t need to avoid any foods while breastfeeding unless you find that your baby is having a bad reaction when you eat it. Otherwise eat what you like but of course keeping healthy.

Anything that causes you gas, causes the baby to have gas. Simple as that. Gravy, cabbage, cheese, etc.

Honestly I think it varies. When I was breastfeeding, I ate anything and everything, and my daughter was just fine. I’m sure if something you eat is upsetting your baby, you’ll be able to tell and just take note :blush:

I didnt have any food issues while nursing but my allergy medicine caused me to have very low supply.

Well honey dont drink beer or hot spicsy

Pinterest was my best friend. :slight_smile:

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