Can people suggest unique baby girl names?

We just found out we are 10 weeks along with our 3rd! We are so excited, we already have 2 boys (Christopher and William). We have a girls name picked out already but we can’t agree on a boys name, I want to keep traditional names. I like Alexander or Matthew, he’s not too sure yet lol.
What are you favorite names? Throw in some girls names too if you’d like!


I have 2 girls (Rylee and Charlie) but can be boys names too :slight_smile:

I had two girls and couldn’t think it a girl name with my 3rd and he is a boy so maybe it will be a girl

My sons name is Elijah and of i ever have a girl her name will be Lydia

My little boys name is Elliott and we call him Eli!

I have two girls Misty and Grace and one boy named River.

I have a Levi Rylie and paisley

3 girls here. Malia, Macy, and Sarah. We liked the name Isaac for a boy.

We have a Thomas, Benjamin and Joseph.

I had a girl her name is Arietta for a boy I like Rowan for a boy

I have 2 boys Dominic and Jayden and 22 weeks along with my little Chloe

i have 2 boys nathan & lewis xx

My son’s name is Elijah Scott but we also considered Luke.

I have 2 girls and a boy. My girls are Lily Grace and Ava Jade. And my son is Aiden Jace…I also have 2 stepdaughters named Kierra Dominique and Kyla Lee.

Our first two girls were named after some Swedish relatives, Lynnea and Aldana. They were called Lynn and Dana.

I like Robert, Jacob, Matthew, Christopher, or Benjamin

I love George Georgie that would sound cute with the others! My sons middle name is Alexander I love that too❤️

I wanted names a little less common so my 3 boys are Bryden, Rhys, and Cayde

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We named our son Aaron chase!

I have 3 boys ethan, robert and christopher and a girl emma, i have my 5th on the way which is a girl which we have picked robyn and we had picked a boys name of bertie

I’m 12 weeks with number 3 and have no idea for a name for a boy or girl. Lol

I like jousha and kylie

My boys are Budd, Kyle and Stephen …if I had a girl,she would have been Amelia… Now my sister was gonna name her daughter Lantana after a place we grew up…but went with Anna cuz it was easier to spell…