Can pregnancy cause lactose intolerance?

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Is it possible to become lactose intolerant after pregnancy…? I’m a first time mom, and about 3 months ago (my son is 5 months) started having bowel movement problems. I was thinking IBS, which it still could possibly be, except I go from solid normal poop, to later in the day very liquidy diarrhea… Never constapation though. Its an everyday thing. I’ll have one normal bowel movement, then for the rest of the day I have diarrhea… Is there anything I can take over the counter? Please help :sob::sob: I am so tired of having to put my baby down and run as fast as I can to the bathroom…


I’d start by keeping a food journal & cutting out dairy to see if that works. I believe my daughter is because she’s breastfed & every time I have dairy she goes a lot vs every other day

I have this issue! It’s due to an infection in my gallbladder! After this baby I’m suppose to have it removed!

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Have you added fiber to your diet or even a fiber substitute like the drink mixes? I’d personally try that first.

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Never had that but got acid reflux really bad now

I have ibs some days taking prenatals helps it some days not

Omg I’ve literwlly.almost went on public places. Dr. Always told me sometimes it happens without a real reason

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Ibs is not only constipation, it’s both discomforts of going too much and too little.
It’s important to remember your hormones and body is still going through changes right now. Troubleshoot with your Dr and ask for tests if you need.

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I believe that’s what happened to me after my first. I thought it was just me :slight_smile:

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You can become lactose intolerant at any point in your life sometimes your body just stops producing the enzyme that breaks down the sugars in dairy. You can try cutting out all dairy products and see if that helps if not you might want to see a doctor. I’m lactose intolerant and usually after I’ve eaten some sort of dairy product I get stomach discomfort gassy and diarrhea


I got lactose intolerant during and after pregnancy, baby was intolerant too until a year old

It could be your gallbladder. Go see a doctor. Thats nothing to play with. Mine almost killed me 5 years ago.

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It’s possible. You should maybe see a chiropractor…it sounds funny but our alignment affects a lot of stuff

Fibre added to your diet will help bulk things up plus a probiotic will help restore good bacteria in your gut.
If your too concerned go get checked out by your doc to be safe side.

I have ibs and it kind just does what it wants but I have found lack of sleep and stress play a huge part in mine. My ibs was diagnosed in freshman year of high school pregnancy hormones through it out of wack but the pregnancy hormones alone can do that to you and being that your son is only 5 months it’s possible you still have hormones outa wack it normal goes back to normal before then for most women but it’s also normal for it to take a few years before all of the hormones go back to normal if you breast feed that will also play a part in how long your hormones are going crazy. Good luck but get checked out by a dr. Have them test for gallbladder infections/shutting down, ibs,& lactose intolerant.

Get checked for celiac disease

Take a pro biotic. Eat yogurt.

I’ve had bowel issues since my youngest was born in 2008. Every doctor has thought it was something different. And nothing they’ve prescribed or suggested has helped. I’m still waiting for an actual diagnosis.

Yes, you can becoming lactose intolerant after a pregnancy. It can happen at any point in your life. There’s something called Dairy Relief, it’s sold at most pharmacies next to the Pepto and imodium but it’s best to just avoid dairy.

If you eliminate dairy for 10 days and you’re still having issues, see a doctor. It’s probably IBS or a gluten intolerance.

I became lactose intolarant at 16. My mom made me stop eating diary for like a month or so and my body never got back in the swing with milk.

This happened to me for the year after both kids. I had C-sections. I did have my gallbladder out after my second. It wasn’t lactose intolerance. Doing pelvic floor and core work seemed to help. Slowly resolved.

I had a sensitivity to dairy my whole life but it became full blown intolerance after I had my son. I take lactaid before I eat dairy and it really helps (I don’t drink regular milk or eat ice cream because it just destroys my insides even when I take a lactaid pill). I would start with that and see if it helps (it may take a few days of doing it). If not you could have an intolerance to something else you are eating.

Totally possible, you might also want to get your gallbladder checked or try some probiotics.

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It almost sounds like gallbladder issues, Any pain in your upper stomach, or issues with eating? My daughter was having problems similar to this & come to find out was full of gallstones. They did emergency surgery & took it out asap!

Get your gallbladder checked !