Can pregnancy cause nightmares?

Fan question.

Nightmares and hallucinations while pregnant.

I’m 29 weeks and for the past month or so I have been having bad dreams and hallucinations during sleep. Do any mamas experience this?


I had some crazy ass dreams while pregnant! Some were scary, some were just off the wall crazy!

Yes! I had terrible nightmares throughout my entire pregnancy!

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Pregnant women have very vivid dreams. Some good, some absolutely terrible.


YES!! It’s ridiculous! Nightmares, rough sleep, sound weird stuff in my sleep…like two nights ago I took my wedding ring off and found it in my bed the next morning, or I’ll sleep holding my arm up in the air lol idk it sounds crazy but it’s true! I sleep juuuust fine when I’m not pregnant :persevere:

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It’s a common thing, yup. Very vivid.


I had terrible nightmares

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OMG yes bad dreams, some good dreams, a lot of new parent jitters for once the baby was born or dreams of something going wrong. I was a wreck. Only through like 2 of my 5 pregnancy’s

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I would have nightmares, but also anything I paid extra attention to that day I would dream about. I had one dream where I had to make up the laws of physics for trees, and it was like a fever dream… Pregnancy hormones do wild things to your brain.

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Yes oddly enough that’s the only time it happens to me is during pregnancy. Has to be due to hormones I would guess.

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Yeah this is happening but its more like memories of what really happened playing back in my dreams. I lost my 17 yr old brother February and i keep dreaming his funeral over and over amd waking up in tears


I did when I was pregnant, I would wake up so scared and literally in tears. I couldn’t watch anything scary or even think of anything bad because once I went to sleep it was horrible


Lucid dreaming. From the hormones :slight_smile: that’s how a lot of Mama’s know what the gender is.

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It’s easier to do lucid dreaming when pregnant and nightmares are very common.

I dreamed my bedroom was invaded by bugs like in the movie The Mummy !

I do not dream unless I’m pregnant. It was all about the stress dreams this last pregnancy. And I had a horrific nightmare when I was pregnant with my first child, the day my mother had died. I swore her ghost was coming after me. She was coming back to tell me something, but I was so terrified. I ran upstairs and climbed my 28 year old ass in bed with my dad because I was so scared. Then I laid there for 10 mins, calmed down and went… well this is awkward, I’m gonna go now. lol

Yes!!! All 4 pregnancy i was terrified to sleep.

Yes! Very vivid dreams and horrifying ones!
Shockingly it is very common and actually a “side effect”?
If you google weird dreams while preggo, the results might just shock you! Just about every pregnant woman goes through it!

Yes I had terrible dreams for most of my pregnancy.

I have CRAZY vivid dreams. A lot of them are violent and bloody. It’s pretty scary.

Freaky bad nightmares with every pregnancy and unfortunately it’s normal.

Yes. It was horrible. It went away after babies came but i still remember them vividly

Yes. Lucid dreaming is very normal during pregnancy and even for a short time afterwards. I’m 3 weeks postpartum and still have lucid dreams. Unfortunately it’s just one of those wired side effects of being pregnant. I would speak with your OB though just to be on the safe side and definitely make an appointment right away if they are happening while your awake as it could mean something more serious like pregnancy psychosis. But as long as it’s only when your sleeping it’s completely normal.

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Hallucinating during sleep is a nightmare. However if you’re hallucinating while you’re awake you need to see a Dr.