Can previous owners access a baby monitor?

Does anyone know anything about the iBaby monitor? I got one second hand off Facebook and while I am so grateful, my husband is nervous that previous owners would still be able to access the camera through the app and therefore be able to see into our home. Does anyone know if this is a risk factor? I am going to try and reach out to the company, too.

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Don’t know anything about these but I would think that there is a reset button. I would Google it and maybe YouTube it to see if there is any videos.

This monitor is known for being extremely hackable, that being said, any device on wifi has the same issue. Changing the password frequently is one of the things I would do. I personally didn’t use a wifi enabled monitor, kept it old school lol.

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I’d stay away from Wi-Fi monitors. They are easy to hack and the creeps sell the pictures.

Call company that makes device