Can someone describe the recovery after getting tubes tied?

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I was sore for a few days, hurt to stand up straight. At the one week mark I felt fine just tender. Periods were irregular for a while and heavier during certain months.

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Mine was like a cake walk, was sore the first day, but as long as you move a lil bit and use some tylenol/ibuprofen combo, you will and should be ok. :blush: within 3 days I was good, and bleeding lasted roughly a weekish. Good luck!

I was great, no issues at all. Except for the loss of feeling of my legs after the epidural, lol. I cried to my husband that I was paralyzed :woman_facepalming:t4:

It’s been 6 years since mine. It hurt for a week.
The pain is like the pain of childbirth: I’ve already forgotten.

They did mine during my last c-section, and I felt more sore after that one, but the pain was different, I could tell it was inside and not my incision. And yeah, it hurt to stand up for longer that time.

I was back at work the next day

I wish I could find a doc to do it for me.