Can someone explain the procedure for how do they tie your tubes?

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Had my tubes removed instead of tied 2 yrs ago. Key hole no scars everything went fine. Experienced a little pain after but nothing of concern. No regrets.

Honestly, men getting a vasectomy is so much safer.
My lung collapsed when I tried to get my tubes tied so they couldn’t finish the procedure. Men don’t even go under so if you can, just harass your man to get it done lol. Mines too much of a baby so we just have to be careful now :roll_eyes: but everyone knows that doesn’t always work.

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Tubal ligation is keyhole surgery so only a couple of tiny scars, if any is left. The surgeon applies clips onto the fallopian tubes to block the sperm and egg from meeting. This procedure is normally performed under general anaesthetic using a procedure called laparoscopy.

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I got my tubes removed over the summer…it was an appointment 2 weeks Before to confirm that’s what I wanted the actual day of went by pretty smooth. Went in and got out under, I have three small scars left (dime size would be too big a description) and that was it. The Dr explained to me that they actually cut and remove the tubes so it’s not reversible and did explain that it would be much easier for my husband to get it done but he’s too chicken. And I really didn’t want to risk getting prego a fourth time. The recovery time was a month so that my scars could heal completely but she said the day of the surgery I was just to go home and sleep, with so much anesthesia I was barely able to walk, and for the next few days I was just laying in the couch or in my room while the hubby did it all, that’s what he gets for not going through with the vasectomy :rofl:. I haven’t had pain or anything after just felt a little sore for those few days. Hope this helps just my two cents, I had this done last June so almost a year now for reference

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Get put to sleep, they make two small incisions, pull your tubes up either cut and burn or tie OR they just apply “ties” on them.
Ties can come off anytime and most women find they come off after atleast 10 years.
Just a tie can be removed anytime, a cut is not reversible.
Had mine done 4yrs ago and no regrets

There are a few different ways they can do it. First they can use clamps on each tube which are usually plastic and are adjusted to keep tube closed, second option is the tubes can be cut and ends burned closed, final option the tubes can be removed completely. Now important to remember that this procedure is not 100 percent effective like most people think. Clamps over time can become loose and fall which will allow sperm to get through. Also with the cut an burn option there is a chance the ends will split open due to friction of them rubbing against other organs. Your doc will explain this to you. That is because 1 in every 200 women get pregnant after a tubal and 90 percent of those are ectopic. My doc made me sign a waiver acknowledging that I understood the risks

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I have a 16yr old son, 5yr old daughter and a 4yr old daughter…i knew i was done after my 3rd. I had c-sections on all three. So i told them they can go ahead and tie them after they got her out since i was already open :joy:

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I had a tubal after my last baby years ago and they cut and tied, no chance of pregnancy plus because it was right after I only have a belly button scar. It’s been over 20 years


They cut or remove the tube that carries the egg.

What’s the procedure on men ?

Depends on where you live where I live they dont time tubes anymore because too many women were still getting pregnant because they would come undone. Here they completely remove the tubes and take them out

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Why don’t you Google it, there are more techniques than just one and you should discuss with your obgyn

Mine were tied during my second c section!

The best thing to do is call your Dr

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