Can someone please explain the ECV process of turning a breech baby?

I am going in tomorrow for the aversion and I am so scared, I’d really appreciate hearing about other Momma’s experiences with this procedure. My doctor read the risks to me, which terrified me even more.

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I chose to not do it for all the risks that could happen. I had a c section and it really isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Good luck in whatever you choose to do.

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I had one done. It hurt. But baby moved and stayed in position until birth. I was monitored from that point on though as babys heart rate dropped. There is a risk of the cord getting wrapped. When he was born, the cord was loosely wrapped but he was fine. I’m glad I had the procedure. He was my 4th and i had all vaginally, so i was very happy it worked. There are risks though. Just make sure you’re prepared to deal with complications if something should happen. And like i said, it is painful. But it was the best decision for us. Good luck whichever way you choose.

Honestly you’d be better off seeing a midwife. Breech is a variation of normal.

I had one at 37 weeks with an epidural and she flipped head down and stayed that way until I had her! Everything went really well

I had one. It was brutally painful even with an epidural. She ended up being stuck in my pelvis and a cord around the neck. We went for an emergency c section and her hips were both out of socket. Bilateral hip subluxation. She wore a pavlic harness for 6 months. It was brutal. Pain post csection was awful

Ive had multiple cuz 3 of my kids kept flipping back breech afterward. I never had much issue with them, they were not painful(wasnt the best feeling on earth but not painful). I also did not know painkillers were an option especially epidural because they just did not really hurt so? My pain tolerance is normal I would think so this isn’t just a high pain tolerance issue

I had one done 14 yrs ago, no pain meds, didn’t hurt but was very uncomfortable and uncomfortable for a few days after, I will advise don’t look at your stomach as it’s getting done if your squeamish lol :rofl: it’s an amazing site, the Dr practically lifted my baby right up could see the hands legs face clearly as he turned, yes the risks are there and complications can occur but these people are trained and the team at your baby’s birth are more than ready for anything that could go wrong

I opted out three separate times as the risk definitely outweighed the rewards for me.

I had one with no pain relief. Found it uncomfortable but not unbearable, baby was successfully turned and stayed that way until birth :blush:

I had one 3 years ago with my second baby who was extended breech (feet by ears) my first was natural birth, this procedure was painful, they tried 3 times to the point the specialist doing it put that much force my mum who was with me recons his feet came off the ground! I wasn’t offered any pain relief. After they decided baby wasn’t going to turn, I had an option to come back and try again or
c- section. I really didn’t want a section as recovery seemed longer, but I was not prepared to put my baby or myself through more pain and risks that come with trying to turn baby. Now that I know the feeling and what actually happens I would never suggest to anyone to risk it, a section is not as bad as I though and with ur baby arriving safely. It’s such a hard decision to make even after all the research you do, so I feel for you. If you want to ask anything please get intouch, if not good luck. X

I had 1 with my last…she kept teying to tuen back…she was a footling breech…i was able to deliver naturally but it took a while…she had what they called torticollis (spelling) and needed special exercises as a newborn…it was painful yes but I was not wanting a c section…

I had to have one with my daughter. I would not recommend it from my personal experience. I also had an epidural but like other comments it was still painful. They couldn’t get her to turn and they ended up having to do an emergency c-section. When she was born she had bruises all over body from them pushing so hard to try to turn her. Her heart rate dropped and her oxygen levels wouldn’t stay up.

Not much to it. I’ve done them without the mother being aware I was doing it. The more babies you’ve had, the easier it is for the turn.

I’ve had two with the same pregnancy. The first one was bearable but he turned right back around within minutes. The second time they did it I was already in labor and the pain made me delirious! Worse than hard labor! It was not successful and wound up having a csection anyway. I think if you’re not in labor and your bag of water is still intact it’s not as bad. Good luck to you!