Can someone suggest some recipes for healthy snacks to make?

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Just had my first Koni Salad. It was amazing!!

Apple,orange,carrot they come already made

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Broiled tomato slices with a bit of mayonnaise and melted cheese. Egg roll bowl

Smoothies: banana, spinach, blueberries, seeds if you like. Add milk or milk substitute and whizz. Alternatively avocado on toast. Yum :yum:

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Lovely question…

  • Bake your own granola oat cookies (with dates / dried fig chunks, agave syrup and cinnamon). Cinnamon is good for weight loss. Sugar causes cancer so avoid that and use agave syrup.

  • Gluten free balsamic rice cakes with smashed homemade guacamole (drizzle lots of lime juice on the Avocado :avocado:, add a pinch of curry powder and thinly chopped red onion, lime zest adds a new dimension too)

  • Easy snack: frozen blueberries 🫐

  • Ochra chips (ochra speeds up the metabolism compensating for eg. soya slowing down he metabolic rate). Ochra is great for weight loss.

  • My favourite homemade smoothie recipe is choc / berry Vegan Protein Powder (from RejuvaLife or Vega or Warrior), I always choose the dairy free and soya free options. Add a spoon to a glass of almond milk (Plenish is purest brand or innocent hazelnut milk), add avocado (or use pure frozen coconut chunks with agave syrup), frozen blueberries / raspberries and cinnamon.
    You could add a teaspoon of maca powder, great for hormonal balance, libido and most uplifting. Decorate with dried goji berries or crushed hazelnuts. I like to eat the smoothie with a tiny teaspoon and pretend it’s a dessert. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Waitrose do a beautiful whole roast chicken (lemon & thyme) I add truffle mayonnaise which is amazing with chicken. Easily sourced in large supermarkets. You can grate or spiralise courgettes, carrots and beetroot… creating a slaw with shredded chicken in truffle mayo on top. Decorate with crushed almonds. I like to present this in a Martini glass with a tiny fork. Layer the slaw in a rainbow… beetroot 1st then carrot, then courgette with shredded chicken in truffle mayo on top, covered in crushed almonds… add a few edible dried rose petals on top for colour.

Enjoy x


Strawberries cooked low for several hours