Can someone tell me if we are in the wrong?

We were suppose to take my boyfriend's kids the 24th but the 20th and 21st my boyfriend my daughter and I tested positive for covid. So we didn't take his kids because his daughter was suppose to have surgery the 1st and we didn't want to see her end up with covid. My quarentine end date was the 27th and his was the 29th and my daughter's was Sunday. His kids mom is bitching at him for not taking them that week or this week. We didn't take them this week either because my daughter wasn't quite done her quarentine on the 1st. And then Monday our only car broke down. His phone broke yesterday so he cant message her right now. I told her she needed to drop them off to us to Friday. She asked for gas money. I told her no because since their son has started school (the august) we have done all the traveling and she hasn't even given us one cent to help out with gas and she has even made me late for my counseling. So I also told her that because the mechanic said he advises me not to drive long distances with the kids in the car because the manifold is causing carbon monoxide to leak into the car and they can't get the car in until the end of next week or the beginning of the week after I told her I can bring their son to school but we would need her to meet us half way so we don't have the kids in the car for very long. Are we in the wrong for telling her we need her to help out for once? Mind you before we started taking them every other week we were doing all the traveling and she wasn't doing any or even helping with gas and then he said we needed help with gas and that he only wanted 15 dollars she would only give us 7 or 13 both times she actually gave us money. But I think she needs to learn how to co parent better. My daughter's father and his girlfriend told me that if I need to go anywhere next week (I have the week off from work) I can take their car with the girls to do whatever I need to during the day so I don't have to put them in a car that is causing carbon monoxide. Now if we had taken them the week we all got covid and the kids got sick too she would have bitched us out as well. And if we had taken them this week and the car broke down she would have bitched about their son not going to school when we have no other car at the moment.

First of all she should be happy that you guys didn’t take them when in quarantine. Even if she had plans they’re not as important as keeping your kids at home so they don’t have a chance of getting sick. Especially with a surgery like wtf??? Second, she should help. If you all agreed that you guys would be doing all the transportation then that’s different, but she can atleast help with gas money since she doesn’t want to drive. Maybe suggest meeting half way? I don’t wanna say she sounds like she’s jealous of you, but there’s no need to be bitched out for things like that. She needs to grow up and learn to coparent better in my opinion.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can someone tell me if we are in the wrong?

I think going forward, there should be no pitching in for gas or anything… you should meet up halfway period. That is the obligation of both parents in a custody arrangement.


Why are you giving her gas money it’s her obligation to get her kids to and from anywhere. Smh these baby moms want to get paid for what their support do


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can someone tell me if we are in the wrong?

Sounds like she is just being childish and petty and you’re right she needs to learn to co parent she needs to put her pride or ego a side and do what works and is safe for the kids


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can someone tell me if we are in the wrong?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can someone tell me if we are in the wrong?

Espitia Perez Carolina and we aren’t giving her gas money. I told him there’s no reason to be giving her gas money when she was meeting us to get the kids one week.

It sounds like something the father needs to take care of with her. When significant others get involved it can make it worse.


I am genuinely confused as to how this mom is not helping you? She kept the child for 2 weeks on DADS TIME! That’s enough help! She rearranged her schedule 2 weeks in a row to accommodate y’all and you’re still bitching? She doesn’t need to learn to coparent better, you and DH need to get your shit together and learn to parent, period. Parents don’t abandon their kids when their car breaks down. They don’t miss weeks of visits over a broken manifold :roll_eyes:

Wait, wait, wait…you are driving a car that is leaking carbon monoxide? Why would anyone do that?


Why to much drama. My kids are grown now dealing with all of this stuff was between me and their dad.

If you all had COVID who says it’s a one week isolation period, you don’t know how long it’s going to take for it to be over, it could be weeks or months. Sounds like your partners ex is extremely immature and is more concerned about her own welfare as opposed to anyone else. Can’t stand the selfishness that I’m hearing in this thread.

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Stay out of it and have dad and mom handle it…

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Sounds like you probably just need to step back and let the parents deal with it, third parties butting their heads in just complicate things especially because they dont have an up to date court order for their custody arrangement


Nacho parenting. Nacho child nacho problem! Stay out of it and let them sort the mess out. So much less stress for you girlfriend


It sounds like he needs to better his situation he needs a working car and phone. Also neither parent should be asking for gas money there should be some sort of pick up/drop off that works for both parties. You are unfortunately feeling stuck in the middle and you should not have to be involved in this unnecessary drama.

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You can never win with these kinds of people…trust me.

Asking her for gas is wrong I think. He is the parent too and is responsible for doing his part.

If you had took them they could have caught it. So I understand that. The traveling!? No. In my opinion you should find a central point between the two of you and meet halfway to exchange the child.

Clearly you didn’t read the whole thing… The whole house hold tested positive for covid and thats why we didnt take them the week we were suppose to. Their daughter has a hole in her heart and surgery was suppose to be a week after we tested positive. So we did the right thing and didn’t take them for the week. I mean we could have taken them and had them get covid. Im pretty sure the right thing to do when you have covid is not let anyone else get it :roll_eyes: but clearly you’re all for getting the kids sick too

We asked when we were the ones who had to do all the traveling.

Rhonda we only asked her to help with traveling because my car is down and we have no help at the moment. And we have done all the traveling in the past as well. I don’t think helping us for one week (probably not even a full week either) would kill her when we have done traveling when her car was done for a strut.