Can the depo shot cause irregular periods?

Okay, so I got the depo shot in October, and it wore off in January. I had my period in January, no period in Febuary and still havent had a period. I took a pregnancy test, and it said negative so Im just curious if I could be pregnant or if its the depo shot messing with my system?


It probably messed with your system. It’s going to take a bit for your body to get back to normal period schedule

Your body will take awhile to get back to its “normal”. Mine took a few months to get back to a normal regular period after getting off the depo.

Depo can mess with you. Mine threw everything off and it took a while to get back to normal. Not saying that you can’t still get pregnant during that time, its just hard to track

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The depo shot is absolutely awful. It will royally screw with your system, and your body. I bled for 6 months straight on depo, gained 30lbs, and didnt want my husband anywhere near me.:sweat_smile: It was awful.

Took me 9 years off the depo to get pregnant.

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Once I stopped taking it, i spotted on and off for weeks it was horrible… got pregnant pretty soon with my kiddos.

I had the depo shot when I was 20 years old and it messed with me so bad it took me 20 years to get pregnant!! I would never suggest getting it if you habe a choice!!

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When I came off the depo shot my periods were all over the place for a year.

Could be one or the other ? Take another test in a week

Definitely, any kind of birth control that messes with your hormones will definitely mess with your menstrual cycle

Your period will be irregular for awhile after getting off the depo

Well what is depo shot?

Messing with your system for sure!! Same thing as me for the first year and a half. On and off, then never, then suddenly…After that it was great though because I never had my period ever again! It did take a very long time to get pregnant again though after being off of it.

Took my cycle about 9 months to become regular after stopping Depo, took about a year to conceive. It can linger in your system far a while…granted I have a unicornuate uterus and that also played a factor on why it took me so long to conceive.

I am the results from the failure of a depo shot.:woman_shrugging:

with that u dont get u period at all

I’ve been on deppo for 3 years and for the entire first year I bles 24/7, I began suffering from blood loss and low iron. Then I got a shot on my first anual and the bleeding just stopped and for a whole nother year I had no period, spotting, nothing. As of these last 6 month (Mid March marks 3 yrs on it) I have been randomly spotting, and spotting around a week before I need a new injection. 10/10 do not reccomend. I’ve been exploring the idea of getting off of it.

im been with the depo for years every body is different

Took me almost a year after stopping it to get pregnant. Also, once you stop taking it, it will take awhile for your period to get back to a normal routine.

If you’ve had sex then you can get pregnant… Tf kind of stupid question is this

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for sure the shot… unfortunately.

It’s the shot I didn’t get a period for 11 months because I was on it for long it took forever to be normal

Same thing is happening to me was on the depo shot for 3 months only had my period the 3 months and in December than January and February no period took 4 pregnancy test all negative so Dr put me on provera to start my period

I didn’t have a period for 18 months. Still have not had a baby to term 4 years later.

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Depo shot , can take a year or more to have regular periods again

I never got periods with the Depo

My cycle was regular right when i stopped

I got pregnant on the depo shot with twins last year and miscarriage because if it

I was on depo for 9months(injection every 3months) never had a period when on it, then when it wore off had my period for 3 weeks straight. Now(2 almost 3yrs after it wearing off) my periods are still screwy

I had the deposit and bled heavily for 6 months straight. Every woman’s body reacts different to birth control.

Depo messed with my daughter’s cycle so bad. And found a lot emotional ups and downs.

I got pregnant on the depo shot so maybe wait a week or 2 and take another test if it’s still negative with no period in sight talk to you’re doctor.

I had one period every three months when it was time to renew even after I got off right up until I had me second baby

Got depo, 6 months later I was completely immobile. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Lost 30 lbs that I didn’t have it to lose in the first place. That shit RUINED my body.

I got pregnant on the depo. And it was still 100% in my system. :joy:

Also, look up what the depo shot was used for in 1950’s

Depo usually causes me to not bleed or be very irregular

Messing with you it did the same thing to me. But i would call the doctor and go next morning

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I hate the depo shot! I would never recomend it to anyone!

It’s the depo. I’ve been on it since I had my daughter in 2017 and I haven’t had a period

Its the depo shot it took like a year before my periods went back to normal. I hated tje depo shot it messed me up bad

I never had a period while I was on the shot

I tried Depo, had my period for 3 months and ended up in the hospital getting blood transfusions.

Everyone’s body reacts to things very differently. It might just be from your hormones changing! I have been in the depo for almost a year now with no complications and I haven’t gotten pregnant lol. I have gained 15lbs though!

I was on the Depp shot for over a year. Haven’t gotten it for 2 months now I think, because I’ve been busy. I thought I was pregnant but the blood test was negative and I got my girlies the day after I grabbed the results lol
I think the depo just messes with your body hey.

It’s the depo , I came off it and didn’t have a period for 1 year and 3 months :slightly_smiling_face: x

It’s still coming out of your system! It could take a year or more for it to regulate

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Took me a year to get the depo shot outta my system. And get pregnant again

It could have thrown off cycle but I’d wait a little bit and retest and if still negative is call Dr

It’s probably the shot.

I got the depo shot, didn’t have a period, and then I was coming off the depo shot, and I got my periodic. It bled for an entire month straight. Worst ever.

It took me 11 months to get pregnant after going off the depo!

I bled for 4 straight months after I got the depo. I didn’t go back to get the next shot. In fact i told my obgyn I can see why it’s a good birth control because who in their right mind wants to have sex while you are heavily bleeding for months?! It was awful, I would never recommend it to anyone, but then again it affects everyone differently I guess…

Do a blood test it dont lie.and it can mess you up

I took one shot off it n didn’t get pregnant for an entire year I strongly dislike that damn thing

Took me a year to have a cycle after being in depo for a year.

I was on it for 3 years and never had a period. I ended up having to come off as gained alot of weight and having cramps. Been off for 4 years now.

It can take a good year before your body goes back to normal. Try not to stress too much. If you are worried you can always call your doctor.

The depo shot is the absolute worst birth control. It’s fucking with your system and may continue to do so for years to come.
Took nearly 10 years to get my system back on track. I stopped taking birth control completely to try to regulate my system whe I was 15 and it didn’t regulate until my early 20s.
I would suggest never going back to it.

Lost my period for three years on depo

I was on the depo shot for 5 years. Didn’t have a period for 6 years. It was great.

I got pregnant with my son on depo

It took me a year and a half of TRYING to get pregnant after stopping the shot

If you havent renewed your shot then yes it will mess with your period.
I was on depo and when i came off it i didnt get a normal period for almost 2 months and it took 6 months to work its way completely out of my system.
If youre conserned that you may be pregnant go to your doc and ask for a blood test to test for pregnancy … Sometimes on some people the pee test doesnt work.

I had my last shot March 2017, had a period June then nothing till October and then beginning january then found out I was 6 weeks at the end of February 2018, the depo is so different for everybody but definitly made my periods all over the place and took a little less than a year of trying to get pregnant