Can the IUD cause depression?

Hi I was wondering if I could get some advice on birth control? I have the IUD for almost 6 months and I noticed I’ve been feeling more tired, lazy and just keep putting what ever task I have for the day off. I’m not sure if it’s the IUD or v if I’m starting to get the post birth depression if you can even have it a year after your last birth? Any thoughts?


I had depression from my nexplanon and what my doc told me is the same hormones just different styles.

I had the mirena for 5 years and gained 60 pounds, I had the same symptoms but didn’t put it together at the time. It definitely messes with your hormones.


Birth control is simply not natural and I’m sure it fucks with your hormones way more than most ladies know

My therapist warned me against it when I was in a depressivespot but had to get one, due to an unwanted pregnancy at the time.

That said, I don’t feel it effects my depression very much, personally.

Multiple doctors have explained to me that you can get PPD within the first 2 years after having a baby. At my 6week appointment I went back on the pill and wasn’t the same as before my son. I was hormone free for about a year and was ok, but got the IUD and I feel this way too. However, I also have 2 jobs and going to school so it’s hard to motivate myself to not want to sleep a day or night away.

You do have the choice of getting the copper IUD that is hormone free and won’t give you the same effect mentally, but you may have other physical systems.

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following , i also have the IUD but its been 2 months and i have not been feeling like myself. Lazy , sad , moody all the time

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was wondering too if nexplanon causes depression or just the hormones battling inside of me

I just got the nexplanon in two days ago and it’s screwing with my moods already. When I had the mirena IUD it messed with my mental state a lot. Any change in hormones can cause other problems including depression.

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I honestly think any birth control can cause depression. Birth control really messes with your body no matter what kind it is.

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I have the Mirena IUD and it helps with my anxiety tremendously! I can’t say how it affects depression though.

If it’s the kind with hormones then absolutely. The copper one not so much, which is why I switched

Yes it can. The extra hormones mess with your body in more ways than one. That’s why a lot of women are changing to hormone free BC

Following, I’m feeling the same. Didn’t know if it was just a “mom of two” thing

If it has hormones in it — regardless of method, it can cause depression

If it’s the mirena then yes, any hormonal birth control can cause depression. Paraguard no, not so much since its copper and doesnt interact with your hormones. I’ve had both, the mirena made me really moody and I basically spent 6 months crying.

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Is it hormonal or copper? Anything with hormones can cause depression. I had it bad when I used Depo shots and when I had Norplant decades ago.

I would recommend getting your vitamin D levels checked. … that could cause the fatigue and depression … And it’s an easy fix …

:100:. I had to take the Mirena out.