Can the witching hour change times?

Witching Hour Question. Can it change times?I’m a FTM, my little man is 3.5 weeks.We don’t have a routine, just when I think we are getting one, bam it changes (but this could be too because I’m still trying to find my feet).He used to have his witching hour mid to late afternoon (I just gave him boob), and sleep in mornings.Now, he plays morning, has what I think is his witching hour around lunch time where he just wants boob, and finally goes to sleep mid-afternoon.With respect to boob, I have since been told that I’m not demand feeding but rather comfort feeding him.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can the witching hour change times?

Feeding routine will change A LOT. I’ve never heard of it called witching hour tbh :joy: kinda love that. I’m 5months in with my second and he’s been insanely different from my first in just about every respect, from eating habits, sleep routines, sleep regression patterns, personality development, allathat


Only you know yourself and your baby. Don’t let anyone else make you feel as though you are doing something wrong bc either they don’t agree with it or they did it different. Do you Mama :heart_eyes:


Typically witching hour is that slot around dinner time before bed. And its almost uncolsolable no matter what you. At 3.5 weeks he’s probably just changing his routine and wants his momma. I’d continue to feed on demand, there’s no real schedule yet. Also baby wearing can help a lot


I run a daycare and it seems my witching hour is 3:30-4:30pm every day. Like clockwork, with most of the kids from 6 months-4 years. Individually it will change a lot. The first 6 months is a lot of growths and setbacks. A schedule is great but don’t rely on it early on. Maybe week by week.

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It took my baby several months for a routine.

Witching hour… .& non the less 4 an infant ? SMH

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Both my kids changed their routines as soon as I thought I had them figured out for probably the first six months :joy: then they were ok for a couple months and teething and walking kicked in and it changed again.

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There is no such thing as comforting your baby too much. Don’t let anyone tell you that. Do you think your Caveman ancestors heard their baby cry and thought “I don’t want to respond it might make him weak!” NO. They listened to their instincts that said if a baby is crying something is wrong. Even if what’s wrong is they needed comfort and reassurance from Mama.

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For both of my living children, witching hour was somewhere 6-7pm. But it sounds like on demand feeding. Really at that age there isn’t much comfort feeding except if they’re gassy and just want to suck. But also at that age, let babe nurse as much as they want to build supply.

What is witching hour…is it a nap :thinking:

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Don’t let someone else tell you what to do with your baby for real feed him whenever you feel he needs it even if it’s just for comfort who cares if he is healthy and happy because there’s no such thing as giving a baby too much love or attention or affection/comfort

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Who told you that you were comfort feeding rather than demand feeding ?
Your baby is 3.5 weeks old. Hes still brand new . Everything is still strange for him…and you. Youre learning what your babys crys mean. Your mothers instincts are still developing .
Routines change all the time as baby grows and starts to settle. You feel your baby needs cuddles and fed…you do it. Its impossible to spoil a child of that age and if hes crying he needs you. Dont listen to anyone who tells you anything different. You snuggle that boy every chance you get because this stage will be over before you know it. Congratulations


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I never understood ‘witching hour’. A baby cries when it needs something or something is wrong. Of course the timing will change, it will depend on how they’re feeling and what’s going on.

As for the boob, baby will eat when hungry and go back on at other times to essentially use it as a pacifier to calm and soothe. Both are perfectly fine, normal, and good for development.

I feed on demand and I don’t give my baby a pacifier. I guess I comfort feed too :woman_shrugging: babies have a certain way they suck for comfort, suck for a letdown, and suck to sleep.

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Mine is 13 weeks and there routine changes often
Feed on demand I formula feed so I was told to increase his bottle by half an oz every 5 to 7 days and feed when he wants to be feed mine was cranky alot thought he was colic turns out he just wanted to eat more he was sleeping from 9pm till 5 am some times longer the last 2 days he has been fussing and getting up and sleeps better with me which I don’t want him to get use too. It takes time to get into a routine