Can toddler sleep walk?

Can toddlers sleepwalk? Since moving into our apartment on the first, I’ve noticed our 16-month-old wandering at night, but when I try talking to her, she doesn’t seem to hear me. She always walks into every room then goes back to her room and goes to sleep in her bed again. There’s nothing that she can get into or anything that she could bump into to hurt herself but I’m worried she’s not getting enough sleep being up wandering like she is.


Yep. Sure can. Mine is 9 now and has done it his whole life!

Yeeeeeeeep. My 6 year old has done it for years and still does. He also gets night terrors and screams and cries in his sleep occasionally but he is not awake. If you notice this stuff, you should mention it to the family doctor cause my son ended up having sleep Apnea and needed his tonsils and adenoids removed. He’s much better now.

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Yes, mines has done it for years and still does. Child proof all my doors & have sensored lights in my hallways to wake me up

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My nephew would sleep walk and had night terrors. I took him right to the doctor. Id strongly recommend taking them to their doctor

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Yes! My daughter started around age 3 and shes 8 and still sleep walks. She can open doors while sleeping.

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I did when I was younger and my parents finally found out that it was the side effects of Benadryl

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Yes they can. My little boy has been caught wondering at night-time 2 we haven’t seen him doing it the past 6 months to a year

Yes !! My daughter use to nightly . Scared the hell out if me , she ended up falling down the stairs one night. After that I kept her bedroom door open and baby gated it to keep her safe . Thank God she grew out of it around 6 .

My son was about 2yo. He went downstairs, grabbed the dog water bowl splashed it all the way upstairs & dumped the remaining bit on me in my bed. Then he went back to bed seemingly asleep. He’s 20 now. I still don’t know if he was sleep walking or just being a pint sized jerk :joy:

Yes, my daughter is 9 and has done it her entire life. I had to put latches on the door where she can’t reach cause she went outside in the middle of the night.

My oldest daughter did that many times. Years later she was diagnosed with narcolepsy. When she was in the hospital for tonsils she scared a nurse by walking down the dark hall in a long white nightgown.

Yes, let your pediatrician know, mostly for documentation purposes. Maybe try a baby gate at the bedroom door for a bit. It is usually just them getting comfortable in a new place. Most children that age usually try to co sleep for comfort. Don’t wake them up just direct them back to bed.

Yes, my daughter did that. We would just watch her to make sure she’d go back to bed. She eventually outgrew it.

I suspected my son did, but he was a little older and he sleep talks (inherited that from me). He grew out of it and I was never able to fully confirm. I would speak to the doctor. All you can do is make sure the areas she goes into while sleepwalking are safety checked before bedtime.

My dad was a sleep walker, I’m a sleep walker, and so far both my 5&3 year olds are sleep walkers. Have been since they could walk. Hasn’t disrupted their sleep, but does a number on mine and hubby’s lol. It seems to happen more when they are overtired or sick.

I noticed it at 23 months with my youngest. We were on vacation and she was in a reg bed (had been in a crib until then) so no tellings how long she’d been doing it. My oldest was around the same age too. Sounds like what my girls do. I gently suggest going back to bed and they usually do. My oldest (10) does try to open doors, so we have high latch hooks she can’t reach so she can’t get outside.

I did around when I was 8-9 years old, my mom told me I would walk around the house, looking for the bathroom.

Yes!!! My sons both did! Davey Briscoe and William Malone. They both enjoyed closets and peeing in shoes.

Yes, my son did and still does sometimes at 14.

Yes . Make sure locks are way up high.

2 of my daughter’s did this, especially when they were stressed.

My toddler sleep walks

Yes this happened with my son too. He is now 19 and we still don’t use Benadryl on him.

My youngest did for a bit toddler/preschool age. Sometimes she’d even try to have a nonsensical conversation with you, seeming entirely awake, but she really wasn’t.

Yes my son would sleep walk when he was a toddler. He then he would have full on conversation with me and the next day he wouldn’t remember. He is now 11 and he doesn’t sleep walk anymore on a rare occasion he will talk to me when he is asleep

My kiddo did the same thing when we first moved, but she would also walk around screaming and crying because she was confused. All while asleep. Took a few months but it eventually stopped.