Can toddler use Desitin?

So out of curiosity, does anyone still put desitin or A&D on their 3 yr old that’s fully potty trained ? This is the first time I’ve heard of or even seen someone do that & thought it was a bit odd.


If they need it then they need it


Yes sometimes because they are still learning to wipe properly and sometimes it’s just a must.


I still do it. Sometimes they don’t wipe good and need it lol

I use it as needed definitely.

Ive done it. Especially in the heat they may get a little rash.

Hell on a busy day in the or (wearing unisex scrubs) I still wear desitin!! Lmao


Sometimes adults need it. Shouldn’t matter on age!


I have! She sometimes is in such a hurry I don’t think she always wipes completely great and so I have had to put some on before! And reiterate the need to wipe thoroughly!

I still use it sometimes

If they need it they need if

Sometimes she still gets a little chappy, if she hasnt been wiping well or whatever.

Just put some on my 5 year old
It works great so why not

if they need it. then yes. shit I still put Destin on myself if I need it :joy:

I personally keep my son in a pull up at night just in case. 95% of the time he’s dry. Only time I use some Desitin is if the hooligan poops in his undies at school and that’s when he might get a little rashy. All day, everyday he poops on his own at home, but at school, the playground is too much fun to stop and poop. :woman_facepalming:

If my girl needs it I will. It really helps and sometimes she doesn’t wipe if I’m unaware that she went potty to help her so she gets red.

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Yes every so often my daughter needs it

Use as needed. Shoot sometimes I need it.


My husband puts A&D on his balls and he doesn’t chafe anymore

My daughter is 7 and occasionally has needed a little. Hell I’m 30 and I get a rash if I use pads to much and it saves my life I swear


My 11 and 7 year old use it if their behind is raw after a bowel movement. I am a firm believer in Desitin.

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It’s useful for all ages


As needed, but also check for food allergies. It can play a big role in rashes.

Yes all the time if needed!! It works!!!

Not sure why it is so odd


Still put it on my three year old little girl. I have even put it on my six-year-old once or twice. She ended up getting wind burn on her hiney and I put it on her. She didn’t like it too well though.

If they didn’t wipe right and have a rash yes.

Sometimes my 3 year old tries to wipe himself after pooping instead of telling us and his butt get irritated. I clean him up and put aquaphor on it so it stops being irritated.

If they get a rash yes

Um… I’ve already used desitin…

I mean if they had a rash or some chafing.

I think my daughter was seven or 8 the last time she used it. She had a rash. Adults could use diaper cream if they had a rash. You never get “too old” for rash cream.


I do if my daughter has a rash

If my kids have a rash then yes. My son is 4 and my daughter is 7. My daughter hardly gets them now but my son gets them when he doesn’t wipe good enough.


I’m literally about to be 29 and used it on myself when I got a really bad bug that left me in the bathroom for a whole Day. Not sure how it’s odd lol that shit is incredibly annoying and hurts

I use it on my daughter who just turned 4, whenever I see her getting red or chapped. I’ve actually discovered toilet paper makes her red & chapped fast for some odd reason? So I use the flushable wipes for her and usually no issues, unless she’s pee’d her panties when playing and having fun and doesn’t want to take the time to potty. :roll_eyes: And she has poop anxiety as well, which is making that difficult with potty training also. Side note: I’ve only ever been able to use a&d on her. I tried desitin twice, once when she was an infant and once when she was 2 and both times she instantly started blood curdling screaming in pain and doing this gasping in between screams like it took her breath away, to which I was instantly taking a thousand wet wipes to get it off of her then trying to calm & comfort her afterwards​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: broke my heart :broken_heart: I vowed never to try it again.

Were in the throws of potty training our 2 year old. I haven’t used in 6mon prior to starting this but have used it recently when I or daycare didn’t get him fully clean and he got a rash. Not a regular thing but it helps

No, why? Its only if they are wearing diapers or pull ups. If they are wearing underwear and you are putting that stuff on, how uncomfortable!

I’ve used A&D as an adult


I use resinol on myself. :rofl::woman_shrugging:t2::ok_hand:t2:

LOL i use Desitin for heat rashes i get under boobs or my armpits or other areas…best stuff ever!


Occasionally we will put some cream🤷‍♀️ he isn’t the best at wiping while at preschool… or he will hold it for long periods of time.


Hell im 33 and use that on my ass if i need it…

YES…If they get a rash…maybe they did not wipe properly.


I use butt cream on my preschooler if she gets a rash. You’re never too old for butt cream🤷‍♀️


If they have heat rash yeah

If theirs a rash then yup.

when my sons were small i always used it for rash it healds faster

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I use it as needed. For myself. And my kids. And my husband.


Depends on the reason.

if they have a rash, why not?


I do on my fully trained 4 year old if she gets irritated.

If my son has a rash or is sore yep. He has chronic constipation which he takes medicine daily for but if he had a hard stool he gets sore easily and it helps. He’s 4. If I need to use it myself I will too. We use a&d for all kinds of stuff too like scrapes, scratches, I use it for chaffing etc.

I always keep A&D in the house. Its great for under boobs during summer to avoid heat rash, for burns, i use it on my fresh tattoos, under your nose when it gets chaffed from being ill…

Only if she has rash issues. I did a couple of weeks ago. She got wet and she had a raw spot where her shorts rubbed. It works great for chaffed spots from chub rub too :rofl:

Yes…:face_with_raised_eyebrow: i will use Desitin on my own ass if I’ve been sweating and chafing. I mean…

We still use powder & when needed, cream, on my almost 4 yr old.

Haha never to old for butt cream :joy::joy: nappy rash? Butt cream! Ring sting? Butt cream! If it works it works :joy:

I still put it on my 6 year old if she gets a little red :person_shrugging: why not, it works.

I use it on my 4yo when needed.

My 5 yo was sick and having accidents for a week. I used it on him. Age doesnt matter if there’s a rash treat it

if the kid has a rash then why not.