Can toddlers have cavities?

My 2 1/2 year old has a cold he isn’t eating has a fever and is complaining about his teeth and tummy hurting mostly his teeth hurting he has not had a dentist appointment yet but he’s not the best with brushing his teeth we do everything but he will scream and cry and not open his mouth I’m worried he might have a cavity or could it be that his molars are coming in ?


They can teeth all the way till 3.

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It could be teething or it could be a sinus infection… Best to go to the doctor to verify

He probably has a abcess tooth

Agree with sinus infection. Could also be an ear infection. Get him to a doctor ASAP


Try a soup it may help if his/hers teeth are hurting

I put my youngest on the couch laying down to brush her teeth or let her put her feet in the sink to play in the water if they helps with the brushing part :slightly_smiling_face:

Take the kid to an M.D. not FB


No reason baby shouldn’t have been to a dentist. You’ve gotta get on board with teeth brushing whether he likes it or not.

Definitely needs to go to the Dr from the sounds of it.


I’d lean toward ear infection. Took my daughter in for a sinus infection and they told me toddlers don’t generally get them because their sinuses are not fully developed. Feel for teeth if not, it is probably a eustacian blockage from his stuffy nose

You got to keep trying with the nightly brushing. That’s just how babies are about brushing teeth.

They go through phases of liking their teeth brushed to not.

Try to make it fun and sing :notes: the brush a brush brushes morning noon and night

Brush a brush a brush a till their sparkling bright if you don’t brush your teeth :tooth: your mouth will reek if you don’t brush your teeth your mom will freak

There is a funny video of ginger the cat singing this song I’d suggest playing it first then try to have baby brush a toys :teddy_bear: teeth then you try with baby.

If worse comes to worse restrain the child while you brush. I stopped having to restrain her at like 3. I brush every night with my daughter. She now brushes her own at 5 and a half. S
She’s only ever had two cavities, this is because dad and I split and dad won’t brush her teeth.

Take to the doctor if the “cold” has a high fever of 101 +

Is baby coughing?

Cavities can cause fevers and discomfort as well. I do yearly dental checkups with my daughter, now we do every 6 months since she turned 4

Teething can also lead to ear nose and throat problems as it is all linked. My son was forever sick when teething and same as my now little 8 month old currently teething and a runny nose and cough. Best to get bub checked out to make sure there’s no ear infection as it can cause partial hearing loss if left to long

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You may need antibiotic if it is an infected tooth, infected teeth can cause fever

S igns and symptoms of a tooth abscess include:
Severe, persistent, throbbing toothache that can radiate to the jawbone, neck or ear.
Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.
Sensitivity to the pressure of chewing or biting.
Swelling in your face or cheek.
Tender, swollen lymph nodes under your jaw or in your neck

Either molars. Or sinus infection, that would put pressure on his teeth and make them feel swollen

My little use to HATE getting her teeth brush. For Christmas I bought an electric tooth brush and she now loves it, soon as she hears it turned on she comes running with her mouth open lol

Look to see if his guns are red or swollen. I would definitely recommend you brush his teeth. If he is resistant, maybe try letting him have his own brush and he can help while you brush. Absolutely needs to be going to a dentist. Also worth a trip to the doctor. Hope he feels better soon.

He should have had a dentist appointment when his first tooth came in so he’d be used to it

Definitely should have already been to the dentist.

Most likely an infection going through his body needs antibiotics

2 year molars likely
I would go make a doctors appointment could be ear infection as well.

A 2 year old shouldn’t be brushing his own teeth. Rule of thumb is if they can tie their own shoes they can brush on their own. Could be a sinus headache though from a cold. Pressure will effect tooth nerves and cause pain.

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Try getting the Disney Magic timer app to help make brushing easier. We didn’t discover that until she was closer to 4 but it made brushing so much more fun for them and more importantly easier for us. You scan the Disney character on the toothpaste and they earn stickers for brushing

You say cold but it may be a sinus infection. When I get sinus infections my teeth hurt from the pressure.


You need to make it happen. Just because he doesn’t like it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.
Take him to a dentist, obviously.
Do you have any ideas the dangers with toothaches?
An abscessed tooth can kill you so, step up and take care of his damn teeth.

Definitely schedule a dentist appt asap. He’s 2.5 now and needs to been seen. It will cause a lot of problems down the road and they can give you tips on how to brush his teeth without it being traumatic and more fun. But as for the cold and crying he’s hurting take to the Dr.

Probably getting his molars my daughter is 2 and a half and just had this same thing and she got new teeth

They sure can, Start taking them to the dentist as soon as they start getting teeth