Can vomiting hurt the baby?

First time pregnancy here I was wondering, can vomiting hurt the baby in the second month? I am 5 weeks and 3days and don’t know what I can and can’t do physically either. What should I do different?


I vomited severely through two pregnancies I was diagnosed with hyperemesis , I later gave birth to two healthy babies. Ask your Dr about anti nausea I found odansatron wafers very effective. Best of luck xx

It really depends on how sick you are. Morning sickness is pretty normal and it can last the entire pregnancy. As long as you’re not vomiting all the time and you’re able to keep down fluids and some food so you receive proper nutrition you and the baby should be just fine. If you’re concerned about something please don’t hesitate to ask your OB. That’s what they’re there for. A general rule of thumb on exercise. If you were able to run before getting pregnant then you should be fine running while you’re pregnant. Im using running as an example but the same runs true with any form of exercise. Just don’t over do it and don’t take on any new exercise routines or start exercising if you weren’t already exercising regularly before you got pregnant. You don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on your body. Any type of physical activity should be done in moderation and only if you’re comfortable. If your doing anything that’s overexerting or causing yourself to hurt or get worn out very quickly then you need to back off the physical activities a little bit.

I puked at least 4 times a day every single day up until my due date. Stay hydrayed! I know it sucks to drink and eat only to puke right after but it beats puking up bile.
Id intentionally eat a banana and drink a cup of water as soon as id get done vomiting from waking up in the morning. By the time i got to work about an hour later id be puking again.
Ginger candies, ginger ale, brat diet nothing worked for me. I just bought a lot of vomit bags and kept them everywhere. The car, my purse, work and in every room of the house.

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You’ll get through it. You can do everything you normally would pregnant. Vomiting won’t really effect much other than your weight physically. I had vomiting so bad they put me on a nausea med for chemo patients. Can’t for the life of me remember the name. But I threw up between 15-25 times a day every single day. Everything I ate or drank came back up. Avoid acidic foods cause it hurts when you throw it up. The only thing I ate that didn’t hurt coming back up was Mac and cheese.
I kept crackers and sipped on pickle juice it was literally the only thing that helped me at all.
Stay hydrated. Which seems impossible at times. I had to be put in the hospital twice for dehydration.

I never had morning sickness with all 3 of mine, so I can’t speak off of experience. But vomiting doesn’t hurt baby. Speak to your doctor if you feel its excessive.
However, from experience, no you don’t have to change anything. I worked until I went into labor and went back to work 10 days later. And I worked on my feet for 10 hour days. Sometimes 50 hour weeks. Just don’t over exert yourself lifting anything and that’s about it. You can still safely lift and do anything you could before pregnant unless told otherwise by your doctor.