Can We Take a Second and Talk About 11-Year-Old Girls and Tampons?

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"Help me y’all because my point of view is “that’s sketchy” . I mean I don’t know I want her getting into the habit of sticking things inside herself. This could get out of pocket quick … my 11yo has s sweet but sneaky. I’m worried about what could come of introducing her to tampons. She has seen them before of course. She knows what they are for but I’ve just told her “pads for now” and you can go through the trouble of tampons when you’re older. I told her there are grown women who find those things uncomfortable. We recently revisited the topic when she was down to 1 pad and with me being 9 months pregnant with a leg injury, I can’t just run out to get her some. We had the replace long before you run out convo and then she freaked out and asked if she could use the tampon. I ended up just having her father grab a couple boxes on his way home. But what do you Mama’s think about young girls and tampons? Is there risks outside of negligence and Toxic shock to worry about with the kid? Or maybe I’m just afraid of my babe growing up…"

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"I think it’s different for everyone, my 14 year old wears pads and is happy too. She hasn’t asked about wearing tampons yet. However I was young when I started my periods and had numerous problems and very heavy flow so also wore tampons from age 11 as it was more practical and made me less self conscious."

"There’s nothing sketchy or inappropriate about your daughter using a tampon."

"Her body and she needs to make the choice of what she likes. You have to teach her the pros and cons and of course about the toxic shock Syndrom and the rest she needs to decide."

"It’s a hygiene product, not a sex toy. I started using them at age 11 when church camp fell during “that” week. If she feels more comfortable using a tampon,allow her to use them."

"She’s going to try it whether you’re ready or not. Help her figure out the right size for her, how often they should be changed, how infection can set in if you don’t change it. Educate her because if you don’t, her friends will and they may not have the best info."

"It is called clear and honest communication. If you are not going to teach her and she borrows a tampon from a friend then there is more risk of Toxic Shock from not knowing how to care for herself. Periods, Menstruation are a part of life and as such an honest an open discussion is what is needed. I got my period at 11yrs of age (I am now 58) and I was sent to camp with pads, which way back then were horrid large things. I still remember the teasing all these decades later. Do not make this an issue. There are other options today - period underwear, menstrual cups as well as tampons and pads for teenagers and different flows etc. Teach her to be proud of being a young woman, teach her hygiene, teach her how to be mindful of her emotions and body changes etc. That will help her make safer choices during her teenage years."

"It’s not about what YOU are comfortable with. It’s about what SHE is comfortable with. It is her body and if she would like to try tampons to see what she finds more comfortable, then let her. Make sure she knows to change her tampons regularly and go over the risks of not changing."

"Honestly, I would let her try everything out there (pads, tampons, cups eg. Diva cups) etc and see what she likes and is comfortable with. I think it is tough to push one specific type because of your preference. I think being supportive of her choice is the way to go here. I mean either way you would still have to buy pads or tampons anyways. Plus, if there are any extra risks associated with a certain product, it will say on the box/instructions (just make sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations do’s/don’t s.)"

"Depends on what she is comfortable with, my oldest started using them at 13, my middle one still refuses at 17. So have her try both and see what she more comfortable using"

"Her body her choice"

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