Can we work this out?

My in laws don’t believe my husband and I are serious about divorce and my husband wants to take his parents to court so we can spilt custody between us for our oldest. I have our youngest child. I’m willing to give 50 custody to him for both children and he’s willing to do the same but his parents keep us from taking our oldest any where or keep him at all. How can we do this without court?

Why are the in laws involved at all? They’re your children & you have the final say unless your in laws are the child’s legal guardians. If they are, you’ll have to go to court since you can’t agree on something. If they aren’t, it shouldn’t matter what they want. If you want a divorce & agree on a schedule it should be fine court.

Because me and my soon to be ex husband left him with his family and now they won’t let us taking him away from there and won’t let soon to be ex husband even have him for a night or anything. We don’t know what to do soon to bed ex husband says take them to court but I say just go get our son.