Can you a pregnancy continue with low rising HCG?

Has anyone ever had low rising hcg and has a successful pregnancy? Friday I got my first faint positive. And by faint positive, I mean you could BARELY see a line unless you shined it in a light. Went to the doctor and my hcg was 25.Monday I went back in and it was 52 (yay doubled in 72 hours!)Went back Wednesday and it was 72 (hald doubled I’m 48 hours)Finally, Went back Friday and it was 78.8. It only went up 6 points in those 48 hours.Had an ultrasound performed and they couldn’t see anything - big surprise there. I’d guess I’m only about 3.5-4 weeks pregnant.Any advice or success stories?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you a pregnancy continue with low rising HCG?

I found out at 5 weeks with low HCG. They won’t be able to see baby on an ultrasound until at least 10 weeks. Don’t stress mama. It could hurt the baby.

My hcg did this I was prego with twins and I lost one of the twins and after that my hcg went up pretty high best wishes to you and your baby

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I would go again this coming Friday and see if there’s an increase.

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Mine did this with both of my boys… I had to keep going for BW and it only rose a little each time… At 6 weeks they did an ultrasound and both pregnancies were fine… They are now 11 and 7 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Mine did this with my son

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Unfortunately it doesn’t look good no :pleading_face: They will keep monitoring your hcg levels if they continue to slowly rise and nothing will be seen on ultrasound this early with hcg this low. A gestational sac won’t be seen untill your hcg is approx around the 800 level
I’m sorry you are going through this :purple_heart:

If you’re only about 5wks max don’t stress. Minimum amount of weeks they can see the baby through vaginal ultrasound is 8 weeks. And if your HCG is already above 70 at 5 weeks and continuing to rise I’d say don’t overthink and overstress it. Just wait another month till approx 9/10 weeks and try again for an ultrasound.

This is my post: my hcg levels have dropped to 26. No cramping or bleeding as of yet.

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Inbox me if you’d like to chat xx
I lost my 1st pregnancy last year at 5 weeks…
Take the time to grieve is all I can say…
I barely had time to grieve (about 2.5 months) before I learnt I was pregnant again… I’m 30 weeks along with my rainbow now - things will hopefully improve over time for you :heartpulse:

I would suggest requesting another blood test in a couple days. Every 2 days it’s supposed to double

With the hcg not doubling sounds as if it could be a possible chemical pregnancy