Can you breastfeed and take birth control?

Can you breastfeed and take birth control? My first pregnancy my ob told me absolutely not. But all my friends are telling me you can and they are… I’m on my second pregnancy and again my same doctor is saying no. Just curious


I am on my 3rd child and because I didn’t want to get pregnant again right away, I went on birth control with all 3. It may have affected my milk but we got through it and we’re just fine. I guess it’s up to you if you want to take the risk of getting pregnant again so early afterward.

You can go on one of the Pills but it can dry up your milk. I was a year into feeding when I went onto the pill and I was dried up in a week unfortunately

I encourage you to go to Tom Hale’s website and also to get your hands on a copy of Medication and Mother’s milk by Tom Hale.

Um a doctor with a degree in medicine is saying no. Friends with no degree are saying yes. Hmm which one is more likely to be right???


I have an IUD that was put in 6 weeks after my last baby & i breastfed for 2 years. I’ve never heard that birth control interferes with nursing but i would listen to my dr & maybe explore other types of BC.

I would listen to the person who attended medical school for four years. He is better educated than your friends.


Every dr is different and every person is different. I started my shot birth control at my 6 week check up. My supply was already established so my dr wasn’t worried about it being affected. Nursed for a little over 2 years on birth control than it took another full year just to dry up.
( If you have a dr tell you that breastfeeding is a form of birth control for up to 6 months please run away ) it’s a very old belief and it’s so not true.

There is only certain birth control that won’t affect breastfeeding. The mini pill is the only oral medication for bc sage for breastfeeding. But that makes me severely depressed. So I opted for the iud

I wouldn’t because it can dry up your milk fast. That’s what my dr had told me

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Yes, there’s specific birth control pills made at a lower dose for when you’re breastfeeding. breastfeeding since the beginning, got birth control at 6 weeks and we’ve been doing great.

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Yea you can but you are limited on what they can offer

I have the iud and am breastfeeding. My OB said it is perfectly fine and safe. As of right now I haven’t seen a. Difference in my supply. Hoping it stays that way.

I am breastfeeding and am on birth control this is my second child and I did the same with my first child as well. Just limited on what you can take

You should absolutely not listen to your doctor and always listen to your friends

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The mini pill is best for breastfeeding. But might not be necessarily good for you.

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You can do progesterone only until your supply is established and then take regular ones.

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I got the depo shot while breastfeeding and it completely dried up my supply

Progesterone only pills are considered safe