Can you breastfeed your entire pregnancy?

I just had a baby in November, and I just found out that I am pregnant. I’m full of emotions and worry. One thing is my breast milk. I’m pumping and I worry that it will go away once I’m further along in my pregnancy. Has anyone been able to pump or breastfeed the entire time?


im 35weeks pregnant and my 19months still nurse. my production dropped at 20weeks through my pregnancy and at 23weeks stopped.

Unfortunately, pregnancy is hormone based, and many women do lose supply or see a drastic decrease in the first trimester. It’s more likely you will need to supplement, but definitely not impossible. You could be one that is able to keep the supply. Just watch for diaper output and monitor babies weight as well. Try to not stress about it. I like the group tandem nursing.

My doctor told me I had to stop because i started getting contractions around 27 weeks she said since I was producing milk my body was saying it’s time to go into labor and it’s way too early!

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I was able to. But I know it’s not like that for every woman.

I tandem fed my boys while being pregnant with my twins until 34 weeks. It just depends on your body❤️

When I became pregnant of my son I was still breastfeeding my then 18 month old. I think I dried out soon after because she stopped on her own which was good because Dr had told me to stop by 20 weeks into my pregnancy to avoid an early birth

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it all depends on your body some women can do it some can’t

I’m almost 7 months pregnant and still nursing my 1 year old. I only let her nurse at night and unfortunately throughout the night too

I lost my supply completely by the time I was 14 weeks pregnant with #2. I ended up having to wean #1 because it hurt way too bad to dry nurse and he was SO mad that his milk was gone.

I was able to breastfeed my son until he self weaned 2 weeks before my baby was born. He was 2.

Breastfed mine up until the night before I had my new baby :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yes, you can breast feed through your entire pregnancy.

I lost my daughter at 22 weeks and 4 days to a beautiful still born I was still milking three months later when I found out I was pregnant with my son and through out my pregnancy with him but when he was born I was able to breast feed him for two weeks then my doctor told me to switch to bottle because I was starving him it might be different for everyone :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

My son breastfed until I was around 25 weeks. Around that time the taste of the milk changed and he self- weened.

Girl instead of asking fb ask your ob-gyn. Every person is different just because someone may have been able to breastfeed throughout their pregnancy doesn’t mean that you will be able to. It’s best to ask your Ob-gyn. Good luck to you

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My friend was able to nurse the whole time, then her milk switched back to clostum after delivery. I know nipple stimulation can lead to pre term labor but she didn’t have an issue and now tandem nurses.

Yes you can. The only thing is you may have mild contractions. Nursing while pregnant is perfectly fine.

Some people can for sure! But also don’t feel guilty if you can’t do it. You’re doing the best you can

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I’d be more worried about overstimulating your uterus this early on


Breastfeeding closer to deliver can bring on labor but yes you can just becomes a little more painful

You can breastfeed as long as you don’t have a high risk pregnancy, it’s called tandem bf

Yes, I nursed all throughout pregnancy and still tandem feeding a year later. Yes it is common for your supply to take a hit and you’ll notice it more being a pumping mama. I advise you to seek more help and do more research on different sites as there is A LOT of wrong advice and misinformation in these reaponses already


I know people who were very successful all the way through. I also know one who tried and her body started lacking so many nutrients, because your body will supply the baby in your belly, then the baby your breastfeeding, then you get what’s left. She started losing hair, her teeth were becoming very sensitive, her nails breaking. So, just talk to your doctor. I think it can be done and I think you and your doctor can make a plan to ensure your successful.

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I nursed through a pregnancy. Babies #2 and #3 are 16 months apart so I was 6 months pp when I got pregnant. One of my early signs was that nursing was extremely painful. But with a lot of determination, I did it. I upped my water intake, drank Gatorade regularly, and ate steel cut oats every morning to keep my supply up. It didn’t stimulate my uterus early on at all. As a matter of fact, baby #3 was my only late baby. She was born at 41.5 weeks. And that was after my third membrane sweep and some cotton root bark swishing. Baby #2’s vigorous nursing never brought on full blown labor. My milk did turn back to colostrum when she was born and he continued to nurse right along with her. I tandem nursed both for about 6 months when I finally had to gently wean him (which took another 4 ish months) because he was refusing food and wanted to nurse as much as his sister and it was wearing me out.

I breastfed my first one til after my second was born. You’re good to go.

Some ppl can but most ppl dry up due to hormones only way to know is to try WATCH DIAPER NUMBER GOOD OUTPUT MEAN GOOD INPUT <3

I know a few people who have pumped or breastfed the entire pregnancy, but I have heard it is not recommended towards the end of the pregnancy because that’s when the colostrum starts to form and it’s really important for the newborn to have the colostrum. So if you’re breastfeeding or pumping towards the end you’re taking the colostrum that should be given to the new baby.


You should talk to your doctor


A few months in my milk changed taste and my baby stopped on his own. My dpctor had saod I could until the last month.

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I breastfed my oldest when I was pregnant. Through out my pregnancy. My doctor told me it was safe. I didn’t lose my milk supply but got super full when my baby came. I still breastfeed both.

Yes absolutely hun. I breastfeed my 1 for 5 months while I was pregnant. I stopped for other reasons but definitely doable.

I nursed my first born till I was 30 weeks pregnant with my second. I could have kept going if I wanted to. But I was ready to be done. So I think as long as your dr says you aren’t high risk you should both be fine.

Yep you can. And you can breast feed both babies and pump.

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Ask your OB he/she will be able to give you facts and evidence :brown_heart:

Currently breastfeeding my 2 year old and I’m nearly 4 months pregnant. It is doable. Colostrum will be made for your newborn and milk with nutrients for your older child will be produced depending on which is on the boob due to their saliva.


I’ve seen alot of women saying they’ve done it and it’s okay to breastfed through entire pregnancy. But I also know and have heard from my ob and all that pumping and arousing the breasts can start early labor and contractions. So I’m not honestly sure I’m how that would work, considering there are warnings against pumping and all during pregnancy. My best advice would be to ask your ob, I don’t think it would be harmful during the beginning of the pregnancy, but also considering the beginning in the most critical time to see if the fetus is viable or not… This so honestly a 2 sided opinion/fact ratio. Again all I can say is to ask your OB.


I had my first baby in May 2020 and I breast feed her until she wanted to stop in December/January when she was 7/8months. I got pregnant again in August and personally one of my boobs stopped producing all together and the other one was as if nothing was wrong at all. I would try to pump my breast that quit but would maybe get 2 ounces after a hour of pumping. Now being pregnant and not breastfeeding at all I do leak occasionally out of both boobs again.
Hope the best for you!

My daughter breastfed her first while carrying her second. Then she tandem nursed them both until the first one weened. We used to joke, her first baby was dainty, no rolls or baby fat, that second one looked like she was churning butter in them milk ducts, baby had rolls in her rolls !!!


Yes. Join a nursing group or contact an LC. a regular doctor may say not to

As long as it’s not a high risk pregnancy then it’s perfectly safe to continue nursing. But a lot of women do dry up in the second trimester. Some nurslings will continue and dry nurse, but some self wean. As for pumping, if it’s not something you do on a very regular basis it would be a good idea to simply hand express instead. Towards the end of your pregnancy it can bring on contractions because it’s a different type of nipple stimulation than just nursing. Talk to your OB and I recommend consulting a lactation consultant.

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My first two were 14 months apart. The first nursed until about 10ish months. Then he started weaning himself. The doctor said the hormones from pregnancy can change the taste of your milk and cause early weaning. I typically nurse until they’re a year old so he made it a long time. If your pregnancy and self is healthy, you should be fine. If you have concerns, talk to your OB.

I nursed my first all the way through my second pregnancy and beyond. I didn’t have any complications at all. I wouldn’t recommend talking to a regular doctor about this. They are not trained in this area. I’d talk to a lactation consultant if you have any concerns.


I dried up around 18 weeks, I guess it depends on the women.

Yes it is, as long as you’re not high risk.

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I had a baby in october found out i was pregnant in march was unable to continue breastfeeding. It started early contractions and almost lost the baby. I was told to stop immediately it was very hard and emotional but we had to do what we had to do… I wish you the best of luck and please take all your concerns to your dr and follow their advice.

My sister did it and she was fine the whole time while you were pregnant your body is still starting to produce the milk so it’s not going to automatically stop just because you’re pregnant again it will still produce it and keep going you are fine

Yes, if you look into research the science actually says that if you feed 2 at the same time (a toddler and a newborn ) your body produces 2 types of milk, and as soon as their saliva comes into contact with your nipple the brain sends signals to your body to let know what supply should be accessed .I know human body is pretty awesome !


Milky Mommas (Breastfeeding / Lactation / Human Milk Feeding Support)

I’m only 4 months into my second pregnancy, but I’ve been nursing my 20 month old the entire time, and plan to keep going :slight_smile:

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Look at Tandem Breastfeeding groups for support. A lot of women manage it, some kids have a nursing strike or wean due to the change in taste, but often come back to the breast once the baby arrives.
My 18mo is currently on strike but starting to show an interest again now, so I’m hoping she’ll come back to it when my son comes in 5 weeks

100% bring it up to your doctor to make sure the specifics of your case make it a viable option. That said I nursed through 2 now (including my current pregnancy with twins.) So it IS possible.

I breastfed my whole second pregnancy and tandem nursed for 9 months. It’s difficult at first but is definitely doable. It all depends on your body though. My boyfriends brothers wife dried up when she was pregnant so she didn’t get to tandem nurse. It also depends on your child. Some children don’t like the way the taste of the milk changes when you’re pregnant and will self ween.

I dried up at 4 mos pregnant with my second. My 1st was 13 mos old when that happened. Just do what u can.

I did but had to supplement when she got sick. Once that was over we just went back to nursing.

My momma breastfed me while she was pregnant with my younger sister. She said that nursing me during labor actually helped ease her contractions. My sister also nursed her son most of her pregnancy. Only stopped because he was over 2 and she wanted to ween him off before her daughter was born. I think nursing while pregnant is just fine.

I never breastfed. But I would say there probably isn’t a problem. But always check with your ob if you notice anything or if they advise against it.
Congratulations on your pregnancy!

My doctor told me to stop at 14 weeks. But I couldn’t we’re 27 weeks now. No contractions no problems. Only it youre high risk I feel like.

I’ll be 31 weeks Monday and still breastfeeding. No problems yet.

I nursed my daughter while I was pregnant with her sister… and tandem fed for awhile after.
As long as you don’t have any risks of early delivery and such… go ahead.

I breastfed my first, got pregnant when she turned 1 & she wasn’t weaning so I continued to breastfeed. My second was adopted so she still had plenty even after birth of second baby. My first still doesnt want to stop breastmilk & she is 4 & I am pregnant again. She still gets breastmilk every now and then (mostly when not feeling well) as long as you are comfortable you may even breastfeed both

I was breast feeding my boy and then around 9 months he self weaned and I was so sad cause I was full of milk but little did i know I was pregnant with my daughter :woman_facepalming::rofl: a lot of people said my milk would have changed and that was prob why!

A lot of woman start to pump in the middle of their 2nd trimester-the beginning of the 3rd trimester just because they say it can cause labor/contractions early.