Can you do a diaper raffle at a gender reveal?

My friend wants to throw me a gender reveal. She wants to do a diaper raffle at the gender reveal…is that a thing? I know for the baby shower, yes but do people do them for gender reveals?


Yes absolutely! Do it! They did a diaper raffle at my baby shower. Didn’t have to buy diapers for months, well worth it

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What’s a diaper raffle


I made it a nappy and wipes raffle! So people didn’t feel pressured to buy a whole pack of nappies and could just buy a pack of wipes

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Yes! I did it at my reveal and my baby shower you could bring diaper or wipes or both

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Yes. Anything done at a baby shower can be done at a reveal

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I’d say do it. The guest can choose not to participate.

Who cares if they do or don’t it will be your special thing. Have fun

It’s your pregnancy, so it’s your choice. Do whatever you want to do. What every one else thinks or does doesn’t matter.

I wouldn’t do it. Repeatedly setting up events that require your guests to pay for things doesn’t seem right to me but especially during a pandemic. I canceled on a friend who had a pregnant daughter because I expected to give a gift. Then they also wanted diapers. Then it was “bring a book” instead of a card. I felt like they were asking too much. It started to come off like they were looking for financial support instead of wanting to celebrate a new life with other loved ones. If I wanted to financially support another child, I would have had a second child. The lines at the food pantries are long. Don’t expect your friends and family to buy you an additional gift even if it is for a game.


Yes I’ve went to gender reveals and some have had diaper raffles there I don’t see an issue with it

It’s your party. Do whatever you want

A gender reveal party during a pandemic?! Makes no sense to me!

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To be honest right now if anyone is having a gender reveal party, they should think twice about a baby shower as I’ve seen people do both them have requirements as well. While I get doing a gender reveal is nice but when I’ve seen people throw themselves a baby shower as well, they get one gift and that’s it a card would be the next time.

My daughter’s friend had a gender reveal and then a baby shower and she was supposed to have a girl as the 2 ultrasounds looked like she was so when she gave birth it was a boy, she had everything for a girl as she had one already and nothing for a boy.

Girl, it’s ur day! Do whatever u want how u want! Congratulations on ur new baby! :heart:

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I don’t get these stupid gender reveal fads. You know what I did to let people know what I was having? Put up a fvcking post that said “ITS A GIRL!”

People are so damn extra these days.

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We did a diaper raffle at our gender reveal :blue_heart::heartpulse:

The only time I have heard about anything like that is anybody that brought diapers to the shower got there name put in to a drawing to win a prize

Diaper raffle sounds like a good idea to me anything that brings More diapers into the house is good just make sure people know to bring different sizes

You are gonna need all the diapers you can get. We just did our gender reveal on Facebook live just because both my husband and I work in health care.

Our baby shower will hopefully be in March. :crossed_fingers:please Covid be under control by then.

All this to say, babies are expensive and go through a crap ton of diapers: I say go for it.

If you cloth diaper it will save you money. They are cute, inexpensive, and as easy to put on as a disposable.

I don’t see why you can’t :woman_shrugging:t2: I just wouldn’t do one at both.


I dont see why it would be wrong. Diapers Are unisex

Your party, your rules! Have fun

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Whatever you want. Is it your first baby? I don’t think people should have baby showers for their 2nd baby.


I think u just do whatever u want

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Girl on the bag or box if you think its a girl, boy if you think its a boy. It probably already happened by now but still nice idea

It’s 2020 do what makes you happy…

I think you can do whatever you want!

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At my baby shower anyone I invited was welcome, but anyone who brought diapers got entered into a raffle for a prize. !