Can you drink alcohol while breastfeeding?

Hello! So I know everyone will will have different opinions and feelings about this. If you’re breast feeding and also pumping. Would it be ok to have one small glass of wine? It’s really one glass, they say it’s ok especially in small amounts. I would like some input! Thanks!


Girl, have that wine. It’s ok. If you’re safe to drive, you’re safe to nurse. Anyone shames you and tells to pump and dump, dump that milk on them :joy:


If your good to drive, your good to breastfeed/pump milk. You have that wine! :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely momma!

If you can find baby-you can nurse babe!

The concern is safely being able to hold your child and take care of them properly-not the alcohol in the milk.

You literally have to have alcohol poisoning before it even begins to effect your milk.

Bottoms up and enjoy momma!


Yes. As long as your safe to drive your safe to nurse. Now if you feel your not pump and dump or save for milk bath


There’s strips you can buy to test the alcohol in your milk, so you can have peace of mind. I’ve used them before and it helped me feel better about it


If youre sober enoigh to drive, youre sober enough to nurse!

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Go for it. I drank more than that while nursing if I had a babysitter home with my kids.

My lactation consultant said you dont have to worry about it unless you’re drunk. They say if you’re not really feeling it, the baby wont at all.

You’re fine to nurse as long as you can drive

It’s COMPLETELY fine. If you’re sober enough to drive, your sober enough to nurse. Just don’t get shitfaced.

i am paranoid so i wouldnt, but they do sell like strips to test your breastmilk😊

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It’s recommended to wait 2hrs from the last drink to nurse again.

So nurse, have a glass of wine then you should be fine by the time it’s time to nurse again❤️

If baby is preemie or has health issues I’d wait longer just to be safe and feed previously pumped milk

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Yes! And if you’re worried, Target sells test strips so you can test your milk for alcohol levels before feeding baby

If your okay to drive youre okay to breastfeed! Drink your wine.

I haven’t seen any comments like this but I figured since you’re asking you haven’t really drank since the baby yet? My alcohol tolerance went to pure shit by the time I had a night to drink so do be careful at first!

Look it up. The cdc has a whole page about it :relaxed: and the famous pump and dump never fails lmao

Idk why she felt the need to reassure us that it was really one glass

Sober enough to drive. Sober enough to nurse