Can you drink coffee during pregnancy?

Is it to drink coffee everyday while pregnant? I’m expecting my 2nd and I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker until I had my son.


Drs say a cup a day is ok. I drank coffee (not much) while pregnant with both boys and none while pregnant with all 3 girls.

One cup of regular coffee is fine. :grin:

Maybe it was the caffeine that gave me boys (jk of course) ha

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My dr told me to cut down from a pot of coffee a day to six coffees a day and my daughter is fine.

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Super mellow baby even

I was told caffeine is ok, just don’t go crazy. I would have a mnt dew every other day and it was fine.

Under 300 mg of caffeine a day…so 2-3 cups.


It isn’t safe but I’m sure my mom did and she had 7 healthy children lol

it’s fine this is my 2nd baby I’m 23 weeks and I drink a cup of decaf every other morning as long as your drinking enough water you should be good

I wouldn’t have gotten through my first pregnancy if it weren’t for coffee. On my second pregnancy now & with a 9 month old I seriously wouldn’t be alive without it. Go for it mama!

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I drink a cup a day on the morning but I also cut our any soft drinks. I drink juice or water the rest of the day.

All I drank through both pregnancies was mt dew or coke…they’re both fine.

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I used to have a cup a day 🤷

I don’t know if it’s just me but every time after I drive coffee the baby tend to move and kick a lot more.

One cup a day (I drank several cause I’m horrid and I was always so exhausted)

I drank almost a 2 liter of mountain dew every other day. And baby is great. So a cup or two of coffee should be perfectly okay

I have 4 kids, drank coffee through all my pregnancies and my kids were fine, normal size, (my 4 month old was 8 pounds) slept through the night by a month old.

I’m 33 I’m pregnant with my second surviving baby out of five pregnancies. I was never really a coffee drinker before my first daughter but after her I would drink up to two to three pots of coffee a day now I will admit I’ve slowed down but I still need that coffee. I still drink at least a pot a day and to tell you the truth my baby is perfectly healthy. Just taking consideration what was normal before you got pregnant like you see women that are weightlifting when they’re pregnant it’s because at what was normal for their body before they got pregnant. Just follow your instincts and try not to go overboard you know your own body

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Well. . With my son, 12.5, they had me go from 4 pots a day down to a cup a day… slow weaning (serious caffeine addiction when I was a teen/early 20s… school and multiple jobs at the same time, then when I graduated got another job to replace school)…

With my 10 yr old… I had no caffeine…

With my 4 yr old she said no more than 2 or 3 cups a day

I think like 2 or 3 cups a day is okay or something like that

I was told decaf coffee. By my doctor

I drank so much coffee while I was pregnant and my son is perfectly fine. So did my mom and all 4 of her kids are good

Try decaf coffee. I craved coffee like crazy with my second son. Decaf was my every day savior

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I gave up caffeine before i got pregnant and my son came early 32 weeks and they ended up having to give him caffeine to help his respiratory system because he would stop breathing and caffeine helped him to keep breathing and opened his air ways my specialist says caffeine was fine

I drink coffee of the morning and drink water/soda through the rest of the day and I’m 11 weeks with my second and I did the same thing with my first and she came out fine. I think if I couldn’t have some form of caffeine at all while pregnant I wouldn’t make it lol

I did.
Only had 1 20 oz every morning I worked. I did have to wake up at 445-5 AM for work and never got much sleep so I needed it.

My daughter is a 2 year old, perfectly healthy and happy baby. Absolutely no issues during pregnancy or after.

It’s not recommended you have alot of caffeine, but a little bit is okay.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR, this comment is based on opinion. If you’re really concerned, just ask your doctor.

I drank it more then water with both of mine and the caffeine had no effect on them at all they were still slow movers and wiggle bums had were both average weight at birth and are now both big children x it all depends on you. Just do, drink and eat whatever you feel comfortable with, a mother’s instincts and all that.

I had a cup of coffee in the morning and an iced coffee every afternoon (I craved iced coffee during all 4 pregnancies). None of my kids have issues from me drinking coffee. Caffeine is perfectly fine as long as you don’t overdo it.


I wouldnt recommend it. Have you ever drank too much coffee and felt like your heart was gonna jump out of your chest? Im sure thats what your baby feels like after you have just one cup of coffee. I switched to decaff during my pregnancy bc i enjoy the taste and warmth of coffee

You can still have caffeinated coffee, just have 2 cups a day max

I did with all of mine just no more than 3 cups

I was told a cup a day. But I also had soda too :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

They say having up to 2 cups a day is fine

They say latte’s are bad for you while pregnant but I drank them like crazy with my second kid.

Caffeine as long as not consumed in excessive amounts is perfectly fine to have during pregnancy.

If you can stomach it. I was scolded by many people when i did, but I looked at it this way: Caffeine withdrawals is more dangerous to my baby’s well being than 1-2 cups of weak coffee a day

I wouldn’t. EVERYTHING you ingest, you share with baby. Remember that coffee has caffeine, which is considered a drug.:thinking:


Each pregnancy is a bit different. I have high anxiety and had “white coat hypertension” (I got so nervous during appointments that I would elevate my own bp). Consuming in moderation should be fine. Try to spread caffeine over as much time as you can or cut your regular with decaf and stay hydrated. I want to echo what other commentors said as well that caffeine withdrawals can be bad for baby too and can cause you discomfort and there are so few medications safe during pregnancy. I wouldn’t go beyond what you drank before pregnancy, your body is used to that so you should be fine. Take a deep breath, a swig of coffee and remember there will always be the perfect mommas who didn’t do anything “wrong” during pregnancy. You do you.

I was told by my dr a cup in the morning was ok…maybe twice a day but dont go crazy…a lot of caffeine can be to much for growing baby and dehydrate you…just make sure for every cup of coffee you drink a glass of water…as long as it doesnt give you any symptoms or anything and you drink plenty of water i would say go ahead…

I drank coffee everyday. But on days I had coffee I wouldn’t have any other kind of caffeine. But some days I did both :woman_facepalming:t2: anyway all 4 of my kids are unaffected by it

A cup or two a day is just fine! With my first, I didn’t drink any. With the second, I did. Don’t torture yourself! lol

Yes all day everyday with all 5 of my pregnancies.

Yeah 2 cups a day is fine! Remember there’s always decaf too if it’s just the taste of it that you’re after :slight_smile:

I drink coffee and Mt. Dew every day. I refuse to drink water cuz its nasty. I’m pregnant and have never been dehydrated

I believe its only 8 ounces a day thats recommended by doctors. Any more then that isnt good. Thats what i was told.

Caffeine isn’t great. Try decaf, or limit normal coffee to one a day.

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I drank coffee while pregnant

I have 6 kids and I drank caffeine every day with all of my children. They turned out better than ok.


I drink one large cup a day

Yes, 2-300 mg caffeine per day is safe.

I was told by my doc one cup a day ( no more than 10 oz) is ok

I was told 16oz of caffeine a day. Ask your doctor because CLEARLY by reading some of the comments, we have all been told differently. But I did drink coffee and soda with my son and he is perfectly healthy and so was I

I drink coffee every morning. 1 or 2 cups that’s the only caffeine I usually have. I’ve drank it with my first 2 pregnancies and am expecting now.

As a mother of 4, a cup or two of coffee a day is perfectly fine.

I drank 1 large a day. I cut it out, started getting migraines and my doctor told me I should start drinking it again because it was stressful to cpm0letely cut it out while pregnant

Yes 1-2 cups a day won’t hurt

1-2 cups and then I make sure I drink water before and after a bunch

I drink espresso EVERY day. Not saying it’s ok but 20 oz white mocha double shit is my jam.

I drink about 12oz of coffee daily. Had about same amount with my first 2 pregnancies. Was told by my provider that 16oz is okay to drink

My dr had no issue with me drinking coffee while I was pregnant with #5 in fact coffee was one of my pregnancy cravings :joy:

Never had an issue with coffee at all. My doctor never asked about my drinking coffee.

I drank coffee with all three of my pregnancies