Can you eat spicy noodles while pregnant?

Is it ok to eat SPICY noodles while pregnant? (Second trimester)Not those super spicy noodles tho! Lol like mild spicy I would say, I just want to make sure


I ate some of the spiciest stuff while pregnant lol :joy: should be fine. I will say don’t eat too much heavy spice back to back over time as it can cause ulcers but it should be fine

When you feel this way remember other women in other cultures with many spices.

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I loved off spicy food during both pregnancies. That was my major craving. Only thing was the even more intense heartburn and acid reflux than I was already experiencing. :woozy_face::sweat_smile:

I love spicy foods! lol I ate hot sauce on everything w my first pregnancy. My second can’t tolerate it lol but I still try

Don’t see why not. I ate Mexican food while pregnant