Can you feel baby kick when you have placenta previa?

This one is for all the mamas who experienced placenta previa… how long did it take u to feel your baby move? Im almost 18 weeks with #3 and still feel nothing. I do have handheld fetal dopler to hear the heartbeat and ease my mind. It would just b nice to feel some sort of movement… TIA


I had placenta previa with my 1st. I didn’t feel her move until around the 20 week mark or so. Mine had resolved itself by 22weeks also.

I felt her move early I didn’t develop placenta previa until later and could still feel her move

I had placental previa with my second and didn’t feel him move until like 18ish weeks.

I was diagnosed with mine early and mine was complete placenta previa and didn’t feel my son move until after 20 weeks.

I didn’t feel movement until 28 weeks

I didn’t have it but it took me until 22 weeks to feel my boy move.

I have complete placenta previa. Currently 22 weeks with baby #4 & felt baby around 14/15 weeks.

23 weeks with my last one

I didn’t have placenta previa but my 1st had anterior placenta so i didn’t get to feel her kick until late in the pregnancy

My placenta was in the front and I didn’t feel my son move until 23-25 wks.

I had placenta previa and was about 20ish weeks when I began to feel her move