Can you feel baby kick with anterior placenta?

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30 weeks with anterior placenta still have yet to feel baby move. Will be 31 weeks Saturday.

This is my second child with anterior placenta so I know it can be difficult but I felt my first still by 30 weeks. I’m over it. Super depressed right now. I’ve done all the “tricks” and in all honesty finding it really hard to connect to this pregnancy and even my daughter inside me.

Any encouragement or stories related???


Arent a majority of pregnancies anterior? I’m currently posterior placenta and 28 weeks with 2nd baby-still took me until about 20 weeks to feel legitimate movements not just flutters. I just figured posterior was the less normal situation because my doctor has sited it a few times to explain why certain things I experience happen/feel different than 1st baby.

:point_up_2:this. And you need to invest in a fetal doppler.

I would say hes our 3rd. Me and my husband got together and I had 2 kids and now we have 2 more together and we always say we have 4 babys

I too have an anterior placenta I’m 25w5d and I feel her from time to time… Sometimes every day.

I had an anterior placenta and I could still feel and even see her move, especially on the sides. I could also still feel kicks on my bladder and into my ribs. I would make sure doc/midwife knows you can’t feel anything. I personally would be very alarmed.

I have anterior placenta and I have been feeling her since 19 weeks, some days not as much and other it’s like she’s have a party, however my doctor told me to start doing kick counts at 28 weeks, maybe she is just right up against it or is smaller, I wouldn’t even bother with a doppler bc they cant even find my babys heart beat with that at doctors office. Make an appointment and discuss with doctor.

That’s crazy. But i keep hearing stories of women who don’t even know they’re pregnant because they didn’t feel their baby move and it’s so hard for me to believe… because my kids moved SO MUCH you could see it. But we are all different… And some just don’t feel it.

After 30 weeks the baby begins to move less also because they are getting so big and running out of room

If you haven’t felt the child move go to the er

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Hmm that is odd. This is my second pregnancy with an anterior placenta and I could definitely feel movements with both my kids by then very strongly

I have this right now during my pregnancy and I started feeling my baby at 17 weeks. I actually feel her move all the time. This is only my second pregnancy. Some days I don’t feel her move as much but then other days I feel her all the time.
I would address this with your doctor if you haven’t already.

That’s a whole baby in there by now, should definitely feel movement regardless. Definitely tell someone.