Can you get a c section while you are sick?

Before anyone says call or go to your doctor I called lastnight and have a appointment Thursday . I’m 38 weeks and 2 days , So all day through out yesterday I was cramping really bad like a sharp pain we thought it could be contractions so we started timing when it happened and it’s wasn’t happening like a pattern . I called my doctor and told her what was going on she told me to just watch the pains and basically see if it’s happening every hour . I’m supposed to be having a c section Monday because my baby is breetched they don’t want me to go into labor . Well today I woke up feeling suuuuper sick , my body feels really weak my throat is swollen . My question is did any other moms get sick before labor ?


I honestly would just go to the hospital. If it were my dr id have been in today.


Sure did. I went to the hospital early the morning she was born and was dilated at a 2. They made me drink a ton of water to stop my contractions and sent me home. I went home and tried to eat. Puked 3 times and headed back to the hospital. Was dilated to an 8 when I got back. My daughter was born within the hr.

Preg ancy weakens the I.mune system so its possible, especially while so much is happening at this time. Your bodies doing so much to prepare during the end of it.

My baby decided to turn at the last minute so yes l was sick for a week befor l delivered her naturally

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Call back and tell them your new symptoms. It’s crazy they would make you wait 3 days for an appt!

I was going to say what some other mamas here are saying. The pain might be the baby flipping around to be head down. Also it is that time of year I’ve been sick for almost 2 weeks. The two might not be related. Or it could be gas… I know silly…but with all 3 of my pregnancies especially near the end those pesky gas bubbles were so painful. Dont worry too much mama. Sending happy positive vibes ur way!!!

I had a lot of contractions for a while so I can’t comment on the pain however. I got a cold a couple days before labor! A lot of people say that’s a sign!

I puked during both my deliveries. Whether it was related to the pitocin or not, IDK.

My second kid, the contractions were like that - 2 mins apart, 4 mins, 10 mins, etc… called the doc and she said to wait it out until they were 5 mins apart for an hour. I hung up the phone, got a super sharp/long contraction and called a cab. I get to the hospital and they check me - the baby was at a minus 2 and I was about a 7 dilated ( I had been dilated at 3 from about 6 months on). I said I didn’t know what that meant, minus 2 and the nurse said, “It means your baby has a fine head of hair on him” and I said, “Where is my epidural??” Anyway, if I waited like the doctor said, I probably would have had him in my bathtub…lol