Can you get a false negative pregnancy test?

just wondering if any moms have had negative pregnancy tests and still ended up being pregnant? I’m usually very regular and never late, however this month I’m 3 days late. Taken 2 pregnancy tests and both were negative so I guess I’m just confused. I’m not on birth control.

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You may not have enough pregnancy hormone in your body yet, could be to early. Or you’re just not pregnant.

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For hcg levels to show up on a urine test it’s best two wait two weeks then test again

Try again in about a week i waited till about a week and a half before i even tested after my missed period. I also had a late period in September and October before getting pregnant in December it could also just be your body i was very regular as well if you still get a negative test after about 2 weeks go to the doctor

I didnt get a positive pregnancy test until I was 3 months pregnant.

It just depends on when you ovulate. If your body ovulated late then your period may be late OR if you did end up pregnant, it may be too early to test.

Yeah happened to me. Even the test at the docs was negative. My little girl will be 1 next month. It all depends on the amount of hcg

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Happened to me. Doctor gave me two pee tests and one blood test and they came back negative, a week later I took 4 home pregnancy tests and all were positive. Dr said it might have been too early for their tests to tell

Yep. I went for a blood and urine text a month prior and was told negative. Had every symptom. A month later went again an bam pregnant. And my hcg measured up to the dates that I originally said I was pregnant.

I was on birth control when I got pregnant with my first child. I was taking my pill perfectly on time at the same time every day!