Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding?

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Most tattoo artists make you sign a paper that says your not pregnant or breastfeeding or at least where I am you do


I wouldn’t put it on one of your breasts.

I wouldn’t. Can’t you wait !?


Why would you? Just wait.


It’s best to not get a tattoo when breastfeeding a child

You can get drunk while breastfeeding too. 💁🏽

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Yes but many places advise against it.

Yes it’s fine, tattooists are typically male and don’t know anything about it, so just don’t bother letting them know. Keep an eye out for any sign of infection and see a doctor if you see any signs of infection.

I’ve been told no because of risk of infection. I’m waiting till I’m done breastfeeding to get my next one.

Is nails 2 die for, a medical questions group.

The ONLY reason you cannot get a tattoo when pregnant or breastfeeding is because of the risk of infection. Infection from a tattoo normally is from poor sanitation from the shop and/or poor hygiene on the client!


No. I ask my tattoo artist the same question. You can contract Hepatitis

I mean I have gotten 3 tattoos in the last almost 3 years of nursing.


Yes, infection is a possibility no matter what. Take care of yourself and your child and you are fine.

You guys need to be asking professionals these “fan questions” not a bunch of randos on the internet


Pump a weeks worth and go for it

Tattoo ink will soak into your boobs and poison your baby. Don’t do it. R.I.P. :skull_and_crossbones::skull::coffin:


Omg yes you can the study’s that have been done show the molecules from the ink are too big to fit into your bloodstream breast-feeding and getting a tattoo is OK the only thing you need to worry about is getting an infection after the tattoo

Yes but because there is a risk of infection most will prefer you to not be breastfeeding, when there is a risk to you its a bigger risk to baby, if you wait until your no longer breastfeeding you will benefit more… because when we breastfeed we are still hormonal and that leads us to make regretted mistakes, save the pattern you want and if you still want it after then awesome, take the waiting time to redesign it or add things to it, make it yours through and through… you might redesign the entire pattern or not want it at all… but no matter what … normally I’d say its your body do what you want, but if your breastfeeding then you already know its not your body, its you making your baby safe… whatever you choose to do dont allow negative people to drag you down… :heart:

You are going to lose your base with all these off topic subjects

Can you ask a professional about this stuff and not the internet

Just call a tattoo shop lol

I just wanna know who’s messaging these questions to a nail art page :skull: there are seriously thousands of mom groups and this is where you chose to come for advice ? :joy:

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Some say yes some say no… there is the risk of infection but if you get it done professionally and keep it clean and do what you’re supposed to then why not… I’ve gotten almost all my tattoos while I was breastfeeding. Never hurt :woman_shrugging::heart::heart:


To vastly different sensations at the same time. You could try, but having experienced both sensations I would say you really should breastfeed with a clear mind. The agitation from the tattoo needle might make your milk flow less than usual or you might not even produce at all. I think the situation might be a little stressful.



Depends part your body tho
I had my boob done and had wait my son was feeding every six hours. In-between.

As ink actually can leak into the milk supply.

Don’t risk it. !! Just wait

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Bit Awkward To Take Your Baby In While Having The Tattoo Done Though :joy::joy::joy:


Best to wait until your baby is at least eating solids and isn’t solely relying on nursing just in case of an infection. I did get one but my oldest was a year old.

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I got my leg done while breast feeding didn’t affect anything. They don’t do chest tattoos when you are feeding in case the ink goes to your milk. But arms and legs go for it.


Maybe but it might be awkward for the guy doing the tattoo.


Yes but most tattoo aritists will refuse to tattoo you because of risk of infection.


I think it’s generally best not too. For the infection aspect. At least wait till you aren’t exclusively nursing.

I’ve gotten multiple tattoos while breastfeeding my daughter… still am feeding and getting one Friday.


The risk is more about possibly infection not the actual ink. It’s best to just wait.

Yes you can as long as you don’t tattoo your breast or nipples than it’s perfectly fine

Yes but some shops won’t do it due to risk of infection

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I would just wait due to the risk of infection.

I don’t see why not. I would avoid your breast. Keep it clean.

Yes you can but afraid baby might get poked


Wouldn’t recommend them on or around your nipples…just sayin…

Some wont do it
In Sydney they wont tattoo you if your breastfeeding

I think u can wait until ur done breastfeeding. U can get the tattoo anytime

Please tell me the point of tattoos!! Can’t see it !

I got one while breast feeding no issues just talk to your artist first… or if your that worried talk to your doctor

If the artist doesn’t mind, I sure don’t!

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No, most tattoo artists will not tattoo you until you are no longer breastfeeding.

  1. because of risk of infection 2) because the hormones can cause the pigment to appear more yellow and affect the quality of the tattoo

That would be kind of awkward, I’d wait until the kid is done eating, but :woman_shrugging:t3:


Yes you can. My midwife said it’s up to the tattoo artist and my tattoo artist said it’s not an issue you sign a waiver and with any form of tattoo there’s a risk of infection not just when you’re breastfeeding. So and I got one on my back when I was nursing no issues

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I waited until I was done. I didn’t want to risk the possible complications and it was my first tattoo so I was a little extra cautious.

I don’t know any of my peers that would be ok with this… if you get an infection or a problem… it’s going straight through you to them… I just don’t think it’s worth the risk and I refuse anyone who says they are breastfeeding in their consent forms…

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You can get a tattoo anytime you’re sober. Pregnant, breast feeding. The only thing is, pay attention to the healing, and try your best to prevent infection!!!

  • a tattoo artist who delivered her own baby

Yes you can, the only reason we are told not to is due to the risk of infection. However you would need to find an artist that is willing, a lot of tattoo artists won’t until you have finished breastfeeding

you shouldn’t due to risk of infection. but will it hurt anybody? most likely not.

Am I the only one that took this as breastfeeding in general not physically breastfeeding and getting the tattoo at the same time? :rofl:

Some states won’t tattoo you if you’re breast feeding. I had to reschedule mine like 3 times

its too noisy for your kid

I got told yes but with some Ani biotics

You can get one while breastfeeding lol

No for me…
I’m sure tattoos can wait…