Can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding?

FTM … To my understanding its safe to get a tattoo while breastfeeding or will it some how dry up my milk?
Also this will be my first tat, and I want to get one w either my daughters foot or something to do w my her( her name, birth date etc)

Please feel free to give me any ideas/ drop pics ! :blue_heart:


you can but youre not advised too …pump and dump after tattoo for like 8 days i do believe

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Most tattoo artists wont tattoo you while your breastfeeding. They have papers you have to sign.


There’s no logical reason to not get tattooed or pierced in a reputable, well researched shop. The ink will not transfer to your milk. The greatest concern is infection and statistically, infections occur more from improper aftercare than a reputable shop


As long as the shop is clean and sterile you will be fine. I got to while I was breast-feeding and nothing ever happened. And Make sure you take really good care of it after.

That’s a tattoo I got for my daughter


I’ve personally waited till after I finish feeding just incase of blood poisoning or picking anything else up. Not a risk I want to pass on to my kid.


Here’s what I did for my son


It’s only a concern for infections caused by the tattoo. If it doesn’t get infected and the place is sterile, then get as many as you want.


Omg I didnt even know this was a thing! I got a tattoo while B.F when my son was 3 months!!! Everything was ok I dont see the problem?


First of all. There is absolutely ZERO reason to ever dump your milk. NEVER DUMP! Use it for skin issues, milk baths, rashes, ear infections, lotion, and more!!! As long as the shop is a sterile environment and very clean, you’re ok. But it’s a matter of if they will even work on you


My tat. The little pink one is my daughter and the big purple one it me. Its placed in a spot where I can add turtles if we have more kids. It’s also my first tat


This is mine for my brother who passed away


It’s not the ink that places are worried about it’s about if you get an infection from the tattoo. If you are worried, pump and save that milk for baths or something.

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My artist says it’s too dangerous and refuses

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My artist will not do art on women breastfeeding.

All attached nd I have to add my daughters Anabell and Harley

My hip side to my shoulder blade

You shouldn’t get a tattoo while breastfeeding for the same reason you shouldn’t get a tattoo while pregnant. You can get an infection, hepatitis, HIV, etc., and transfer it to your baby.


I got this for my son I plan on getting one like it for my daughter when she comes. And a lot of places won’t give a woman a tattoo while she is breastfeeding.


I got 5 while breastfeeding

This is my daughter’s heartbeat from her ultrasound.

I got a tattoo with my fifth child while breast feeding and my milk was fine, there is no reason why it should it would affect your milk unless you went cheap and had it done in someone’s back porch.

You could get her birth month flower.