Can you get child support changed?

I heard that every 3 years you can ask for the OAG office to review your case and possibly increase your child support. Is this true? I just lost my job so I’m not currently working. If I’m unemployed will they decrease my child support? Does anyone know these answers?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get child support changed?

Are you paying child support or receiving? I can’t think why they would decrease it if you’ve lost your income.

they didn’t decrease my BD’s… the kids needs don’t decrease.


If your income increases, they would raise it. If it decreases they could decrease your child support.

You can apply for a change of circumstances at any time they will drop it to 25.00 until you are working again

Still gotta pay even if you lose your job. Every 3 years you can get a review

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Yes got my letter today

They have many different things they look at when setting child support. If you are able to work they will still impute you with income. But you can ask to have your case reviewed every 3 years.

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They will still go off what y’all would be making and his pay decrease

Yes every 3 yrs you can get a review. As long as bm or bd is paying something they will work with you.

I’m receiving child support, I guess I worded that wrong****

It’s called a modification

Yes if your the one paying

Yes they will if you request a new court hearing and can prove you job loss but I believe it take 3 months of job loss for it to actually happen and those 3 months can be subtracted once proven

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It should be analyzed every time the person paying child support changes jobs or gets a wage increase. At least that’s how it it in my state.

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You can always check and let them know your financial situation has changed. In my state when my sons father lost his job they still kept the CS payments the same. They told him to find another job and they would reconsider his request.

Depends on if your receiving or paying? If you receive child support it will not change unless baby daddy is making more money. If you pay child support depending on what state your in it won’t change if you lose your job most state’s have a minimum that must be payed.

Depends on the state laws I’d imagine

You can always go back to court for increased child support. Why would they reduce your child support because you are not working?

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I just had to fill out this paperwork lol. What you need to look at is the child support guidelines WORKSHEET for your state. They take both the incomes, and the expenses, and figure out a percentage you each are responsible for. Then they look at the percentage of time you each have the child. They take those two figures to get what should be paid and by whom. I made way more than my ex. Did the worksheet and according to the income I would be responsible for more of the bills than the ex. I was at 60% of the expenses and he (even though he was NOT working at the time they used minimum wage x 40 hours for his “income” figure) was responsible for 40 percent of the expenses. Now came the time factor. He never sees his son. I have him 100 percent of the time thus i pay 100 percent of the childs expenses. You do some voodoo math on the worksheet and itll tell you exactly how much each parent should be paying. Its $125 a week they charged him (based on minimum wage and the fact he never has the kid and doesnt pay any portion of expenses for him). Heres the thing…if your pay went down considerably…like if you made good money and now dont, it could actually LOWER the amount he pays if he shares almost equal time with the child (or even if not). It can backfire. Do the worksheet with you claiming minimum wage and see what your amount would be in the end BEFORE you file for modification. Ill find a link for you but your state may be different than mine.

Here where I live they will normally still base if minimum wage full time even when unemployed. They expect you to work.

It’s true in Arizona.

You don’t have to wait 3 years. If there’s a drastic change in income they will review it whenever you submit paper work. It can take a couple of months though.

It depends on your state. So, call the child support office.

Depends on the judge. Sometimes judges do not care, child still needs to eat. And often people quit or get fired just to get a modification. Plenty jobs out there, start looking.

Yes and sometimes they will do it before 3 years if things have changed.

It definitely depends on the circumstances of your living situation. Do you have full custody of your kid/kids? There was obviously a court order that you had to pay child support instead of the father. But many factors come in to play. I know most states will take a persons license if they are behind on child support. I would personally myself go to or call the child support unit. They will advise you per your case your best option/options. Hopefully because your income has changed they will lower your Payments. But it’s not guaranteed depending on the circumstances within your child support case unfortunately. Every situation is different from another person.

I would try to find another job ASAP. Check with an attorney. Your state probably has legal aid which is usually free.


Are you the payer or payee…if payer, are you drawing unemployment…they will reduce it based on your wages…if you are the payee and unemployed, it may be reduced again depending on unemployment…also the tax deduction could change…

In my state it’s every 2 years you can request a review

It depends on where you live and if your ex contests the change based on your capability to earn a wage.

Because so many people quit jobs and start new ones to avoid child support, it isn’t as black and white as just updating the amount you earn… And even if they do change it, they can always change it again if her case is solid.

Best to talk to them.

In some states you can have it revised yearly.

Cs has nothing to do with your income its his if you are the payor you need to ask for a review


You can always go to court and request more child support in any state. That is a federal law. The amounts you can receive vary per state law.

Yes here in VA you are entitled to a review every 36 months!! Check with your DCSE in your state

Sad that getting it decreased is your run to. Find a job, any job and if it doesn’t match your last salary then go to court for a change. Seems like you’re looking for out. 


Its when there’d been a change in finances, ex job loss, additional kid, etc…

And I believe it’s once a year

You can’t give blind answers without knowing what state you’re in. In pa , they will review every 3 years but you can file a modification any time you want. Also, in pa, it doesn’t automatically decrease just bc you’re not working. If you got fired, they would hold you to the same amount. There are so many things to consider and you’re giving minimal info. Your best bet would be to contact the office where you live


CSED Montana lets us do it every year. But they don’t always change it. Best thing to do is for you to call and ask.

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Yes it can be decreased during a review too. They take both incomes and I was told if I worked more hours at the time, really if I made more (I only worked 32 hours a week at the time) I would have been able to get more in child support. Also, do you know if the other parent is making a considerable amount more as well? If the other parent is making less or the same it may go down and not up like you hope. Not having a job does not make child support increase! They expect you to have a job too and support your child as well. I’d look into FIP or some other services until you’re able to get into a new job. They will not decrease you’re support just because you lost your job though, they may take in consideration you have an earning potential. But I wouldn’t go and do a modification just because you lost your job. First priority would be looking for a new one and other services like food pantries, food stamps, fip, etc… to get you by until you get situated.

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Just because you don’t have a job doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for CS. My ex didn’t and STILL doesn’t have a job. The judge still court ordered to pay CS and said get a job. He’s behind over $15000 right now. Kids STILL have to be taken care of.


Just bc you are without a job doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay support. I’d find a job asap or you’ll get behind really quickly. You can file for a review but most places ( state/region etc ) will still make you pay. They’ll impute minimum wage if they have to but they still make you pay.

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Idk what state u live in but me and my ex would receive a letter every year stating yada yada about child support and to contact child support if we would like a review of support to be done etc. I also live in a state that looks at both parents incomes and obligations such as who pays for healthcare etc. before deciding the amount of support required to pay

Its when your exes finance changes not yours

In GA it’s every 3 years you can request a review. They base the cs amount by a percentage of the non-custodial parents income taking into consideration any extra children they support. If you’re in GA, you’re in luck because my husband has paid cs for 17 years and the mother hasn’t had a job at all in those 17 years!

Literally everywhere is hiring right now. Then if your income is different you get it changed. 

My ex would drag me to court every Jan. When I was working for a big company she was getting almost 699 a week. Then I whent into business on my own. Payed myself my own weekly wages. Warned her that if she continues to take me to court yearly she start getting less. Never listened to me. I always made sure my daughter had best if clothes n education. Plus gave her cash a few times a yr. She stayed with me about 4 months of yr. Everytime I drive to get her the husband if ex always had new toys in yard n new vehicles. My daughter once told me every year when they got an increase in child support, he’d buy a new boat or whatever he wants. Last 8 yrs I got dragged to court I made sure to get her amount reduced depending on how much I paid for myself. I paid for my daughter to go to 6 yrs of college as well.

Depends on your state on how many years they will do a review. Call and ask.

Depends. Some states will but there is a minimum you’d still have to pay. (Again amount depends on state)

Here in TN, I can request for a review at any time, but I’m the one receiving support though…