Can you get dental work while pregnant?

Is it possible to get a cavity removed when pregnant? Btw I am 34 weeks pregnant


yes, i got a tooth pulled and cavity filled at 37 weeks.

If your dentist suggest it then yes

Filled or tooth pulled?

Yes but I was told the 2nd trimester is the safest

I had 2 teeth pulled at like 30 weeks pregnant :woman_shrugging: they said that was perfectly safe

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Yes u can I did had a bunch of teeth removed while pregnant

Yes, after second trimester is best and letter from your OB. You can’t have N2O though.

Dentists and midwives actually recommend it

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Yes in fact your dental problems can affect the baby so it’s a good idea to take care of it.

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I had a tooth pulled while pregnant,they just had to have permission from my ob to give the numbing meds.

You can yes. I had a tooth removed while pregnant and I wouldn’t recommend it. It was awful!

Yes if it gets infected and spreads to your bloodstream it could hurt baby. Not trying to scare you. It’s been a while for me but I think they said you could, they just have to watch what pain meds to give you and monitor for infection.

Had a tooth pulled at like 34 weeks

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Yes! I had a tooth removed around 18 weeks. No complications. :slightly_smiling_face:

I got a filling while pregnant. You just have to have your doctor fill out a paper that clears you for it…(At least In Washington State You Do)

Yes. I had a dental abscess at 8 months pregnant. Your dentist should consult your OB for any meds

I had a wisdom tooth taken out at 7 months. I did fine afterwards and so did baby

Yes definitely take care of it! Dentist might want a note from your ob saying it’s safe. But definitely get that done asap!

I just had 2 molars removed a couple weeks ago at 27 weeks pregnant.

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I was 36 weeks when I had mine pulled. My dentist asked if i could wait but I let him know I couldn’t. I told him pulling it won’t make me go onto labor but keeping it in would. My blood pressure went down within 24 hours. The pain was causing it to spike. Didn’t have to get approved by my widwife either. Just made my appointment.

I was 35 weeks supposed to have 4 cavities filled then my lil ham came 2 days before my appt lol

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Some dentists won’t.

I am a dental assistant. You can have most dental work with clearance from your OB.


Yes good dental Care is very important while pregnant because it can affect the baby


Your ob should be the one approving that not Facebook. If you’re having complications in your pregnancy he may tell you to wait till after the baby is born.

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they usually reccomend it so you avoid infection… you’ll just be limited on what you can take for pain

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I had a root canal at 37 weeks pregnant! They used 2 covers over my abdomen when x raying.

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Yes. I just needed approval from my ob clinic.

Yes dental health is very important while pregnant just let the dentist know and your OB may have to “Clear” it first bc some dentists require that…

Generally they want you to have dental work done during the second trimester, but if the benefit is greater than the risk then yes you can.

The dentist will let you know

Dont let them pull it if you dont have too. Had one pulled. Follow dentist and dr. orders.

Yes but why dont you ask your doctor or dentist.

Why ask Facebook instead of calling your doctor? The smart decision would be call your baby doctor!

I did, they just couldn’t do x-rays and they weren’t able to give me anything for the pain other then a localized shot

Depends on the work, how far along you are, and if you have any issues. I would definitely get clearance through your OB first and possibly have them fax something to your dentist saying it is ok.

Yes it’s important to get it taken care of because it can cause premature birth and health problem for the baby. I had tooth extraction at 7 months.

Pretty sure they just need to know ahead of time for x-rays if you’re pregnant

I had a RC too. Dentist called me later to check on me. Just clear it with OB!

I had a broken tooth removed after being on antibiotics to clear infection. My medical insurance considered it an emergency since I was 7 months pregnant and covered it 100%:blush:

I had root canal. You’ll need to get clearance firm from ob but yes you can & it’s recommended to get dental care done while pregnant bc hormones make mouth worse.

I had a whole root canal while pregnant :flushed: just have to have it cleared by your OB usually as long as they don’t have to knock you out its ok

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Requires clearance from your OB, but yes…

I had a tooth pulled during pregnancy