Can you get dental work while pregnant?

looking for advice about dental treatment while pregnant.
I have, what I believe, is an abscess tooth and was curious as what I should do or how they will treat it if I go to the dentist?
it’s so swollen and painful and i honestly don’t know how much more I can take! :sob::tired_face:
no judgement, please!


It’s not as taboo as it’s been made to sound. A healthy mouth is better than infections or abscesses…Definitely are a dentist and get it taken care of. They know what to do

A dentist will absolutely take care of you 100% go see them. I’ve had a tooth filled while pregnant. They actually encourage you to go see the dentist while pregnant.

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I work for an oral surgeon. Get a clearance from your OB then take it to your dentist. We see OB patients every week, it’s not uncommon.

You need antibiotics asap. Your ob should be able to clear you with your dentist for treatment.

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Please get it taking care of. Alot can happen to your mouth while you’re pregnant if you dont take care of. Baby sucks up your calcium lol i didnt have any dental problems before ibhad my children. Then 2 teeth chipped and i have to get fillings.

You need an antibiotic. I broke a tooth when I was pregnant and had ot fixed with no problem

I just recently at 38+ weeks for a temp filling in my wisdom tooth!! I couldn’t handle the pain! The cavity was ridiculous… they couldnt take it out though but with the temp filling the pain went…Go to a dentist I’m sure they will help!

I had an abscessed tooth while I was pregnant, had to get a note from my ob saying what meds I could or couldn’t have then they pulled it.

I got a tooth pulled while I was pregnant. Get clearance from your OB & they’ll take care of you.

Theyll give you antibiotics first. They cant touch it until the infection clears.

Dental treatment is totally safe in the second trimester.

I had a tooth pulled when I was pregnant. My dentist made me wait until I was in my 2nd trimester.

U have to have it taken care of can be infection and could be dangerous to the baby , get off Facebook and go to a dentist

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My friend had to have a tooth pulled while pregnant and her OB had to clear her to do it

Go to the dentist. They will make a plan safe for your baby. If it’s an abscess you need antibiotics. If it has to come out they will do it with a local while you’re awake and have monitor around your belly to keep track of your baby stress level. I had to have two wisdom teeth out while pregnant with my third. Everything went great with the first tooth but with the second my baby started getting stressed so they had to keep taking breaks. They prescribed me antibiotics but had me go to my ob for pain meds because they said she knew better than them what was safe for the baby. I was 7 mos at the time.

Go to the damn dentist… no question. If you hv an infection, it’s not good for the baby!!!

I had a bad tooth while pregnant its all they gave me was tylenol 3 that didn’t work they won’t pull it either

I had a bad tooth pulled while i was 7 months pregnant. I spent a week in the hospital right before it because the whole sode of my face and jaw swelled up. It was bad.

All i can tell you is they won’t put you under but they can still do dental work. They want you to take very good care of your mouth when pregnant.

I’ve had several teeth pulled during pregnancies its perfectly fine. I’ve always been given Tylenol with codeine after

Why would you be judged for a toothache and all dentist deal with pregnant woman but you have to get it taken care of if it is infected it could get into your bloodstream