Can you get pregnant after getting your tubes tied?

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I got my tubes tied in November 2016. We do not use any protection and my husband does not pull out. However everytime my period runs late i find myself buying pregnancy tests out of fear. Am i being paranoid? I sort of want him to start pulling out just incase.


Condoms and or birthcontrol are a thing.


You should probably tell him that you want him to pull out

The “pull out” don’t work😔


:point_up_2: no I am not fixed YET!!

Honey, I had my tubes tied 7 years ago and I still get the urge to buy tests when I feel “off” lol :smirk:…maybe I’m hoping, idk :cry:

I’ve heard stories of people getting pregnant with their tubes tied but Idk how reputable that is

Pullout method dont work 🙆


I’ve had mine tied for 10 years now. Unprotected sex and no forms of birth control. I have had a scare that had me running for a test. I’m not worried anymore but if it bothers you, use condoms. 🤷

If your tubes are tied then I’m sure you will be fine

Technically it’s still possible to get pregnant.

Paranoid yes, there is a chance after four years that the chance of failure increases, but it’s still small. Woosaaaa momma :slightly_smiling_face:

I never worried about it when I still had my lady parts

There is still a very small chance of pregnancy

Seriously does no one realize the pullout method doesn’t work


The pull out thing doesn’t work :joy:
Can you get a test to confirm getting the tubes done worked correctly just to put your mind at ease

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Buy some condoms and call it a day! My tubes are tied and I have no fear that it will fail me

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Paranoid only explanation I can see

I felt the same way for a long time. But after almost 3 years I dont stress about it anymore

I have a friend who has her tubes tied and her husband never pulls out and they have been together for 6 years and they have not gotten pregnant so I wouldn’t worry about it

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My cousin just posted today that she had a miscarriage and she has had her tubes tied for 4 years now. It’s very possible

Mine were burnt, cut and tied 9 years ago and I don’t use protection with my partner and haven’t gotten pregnant.


I’ve had mine tied for almost 15 years. It’s highly unlikely that you would still get pregnant but I understand your worries. I used to worry too. Ask him to pull out for now until you are more confident

Mine are burned and I still have a heart attack every time mine is late

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Possible, BUT, not probable! You are being paranoid. Or you aren’t wanting sex

I did that at first when i got my tubes tied 3 months ago but now I’m okay lol

:joy: She said pull out! Not you’re not paranoid. I’m paranoid even on BC.

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I stopped tracking mine after my tubes were removed. :joy: It’s always a surprise when aunt Flo comes to visit


I’m breastfeeding and buy pregnancy tests every month lol, no harm in checking

Not paranoid. I’ve heard of women getting pregnant after they’ve had their tubes tied, or even cut and burned because they can grow back. Very rare, but yes likely. I’ll be getting my tubes tied after this pregnancy, but also want my husband to get a vasectomy because I for sure want no more & you can never be to sure.

My mom has had hers tied for 28 years and no problems. She’s now no longer able to have kids so again no worries.

Depends on how old you were getting your tubes tied. The young you are the higher the chances of it reversing itself. I had mine done 2 months ago when I had my daughter. I’m 22. Have not had a period yet. I’m also breast feeding and I’m taking one here in a week as a just in case. Pregnancy after tubes being tied can be life threatening and I’m going to keep taking tests because I would rather catch it early and be able to be there for my kids.

I do the same thing sometimes if mine runs late, I had my tubes cut, tied and burnt in 2014 after my son was born, my husband and I don’t use any other protection or pull out either, I got pregnant 2 years ago and it was ectopic…

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And that’s why I had my tubes taken out not just tied!

After two years it’s unlikely to get pregnant but there is a possibility up to two years after the procedure

I got my tubes tied January of 2014. Since then, we haven’t used any other form of protection. There have been a couple times my period was so off. And yes, I was paranoid. Ha. So yes, I would say you’re probably paranoid, which we can all get.

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I check occasionally when that happens. We’re at a higher risk for ectopic pregnancy which can be life threatening so I don’t think it’s overreacting but it is generally a pretty effective method of birth control.

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Ever since having my tubal litigation, my periods come a week early. Tf is up with that? I’d also freak if I was late, and probably buy every pregnancy test I could find.

I have a friend who her mom had her tubes tied after her 6th baby. Couple months later, my friend was conceived. So its very possible.

My mom got pregnant like once or twice even after she had her tubes tied

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Pulling out is useless

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I don’t buy pregnancy tests if I’m a couple days late. I have had my tubes tied. Maybe if it’s been 2 weeks or something.

I’ve been pregnant more times after having my tubes tied than before so no you aren’t paranoid.

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I do the same thing. But since i have gotten my tubes tied my period will either come on the 13th of one month and then the 16th the next month and this month it came on the 18th. Having your tubes tied can mess up your periods.

After i got my tubes they, they requested a utralsound incase i had an ectopic, or normal pregnancy… was no to either i just had 2 large cysts… but it is common to still be either pregnant or have an ectopic one… so just becareful…

Had mine tied since I was 22. I’m 38 now and no issues

Not paranoid. Since 1 in every 200 women yearly become pregnant after having a tubal done. Also we are at a higher risk of ectopic pregnancies because of the tubal ligation.

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There’s a SUPER small chance you could get pregnant but the chance is still there.

I’ve heard of quite a few women who’ve gotten pregnant after having their tubes tied. It’s weird how common it actually is. No, you’re not being paranoid, but I would use condoms if I were you. Pulling out isn’t as effective.

Ive had my tubes tied for 5 years and we dont use anything

It passes with time- I did that for a few years after my tubal in Apr 08. We don’t use anything & no more oops babies either lol.

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Pulling out or not does not make a difference

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BIRTH CONTROL because pulling out don’t work and tubes can come untied

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I had a tubal salpingectomy (fallopian tubes removed) and I swear my body is being crazy. I have so many symptoms that would suggest pregnancy but I know theres no possible way. Maybe your just paranoid, I would be too if I had only had a ligation, women end up pregnant after those ALL The time

Pull out method does not mean you can’t still become pregnant. However, you can still become pregnant when your tubes have been tied but a small chance.

Um pull out method?? Really??? 1 your tubes are tide and 2 pull out method is NOT A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL lmmfao

My friend got her tubes tied and she ended up pregnant

there is always that 1 percent chance you can get pregnant while your tubes are tied

Had mine tied in 2010 and then 2 years later my tubes came untied and had a tubal pregnancy. Then had to go through surgery because it was life threatening with stomach also bleeding internally. Had both tubes removed afterwards.

Darn it. I’ve been late last 2 months. On Monday, I’ll be 3 weeks late for my period. Haven’t bought a test yet, but I am paranoid as well. I just wanted to not worry about shit and I’m in the same boat as you. Paranoid. I’m going to ask my doc for the depo again. I asked to get a hysterectomy but he denied it even though I had approval at 25 to get one done.

My cousin got pregnant after she had hers tied. Always possible

I got pregnant with my third son 7 months after my tubes were tied. Yes, it does happen my 21 year old son is proof.

Are they cut or just clamped? That matters . I had mine done at age 30 and at age 53 no issues .

It is possible to become pregnant after having your tubes tied :woman_shrugging:t3:

Everyone laughs at the pull out method, but my husband and I did only that for the whole relationship, 5.5 years before we decided to try for a baby. Not saying it is 100% but we never had a scare.