Can you get pregnant on birth control?

Is it possible to get pregnant using the pill by not taking it the same time every day?



“Birth control pills are 99 percent effective with “perfect use,” which means taking the pill at the same time every day without missing a dose. “Typical use” is how most women take the pill, and then it’s about 91 percent effective.”

I took it on time every day and still got pregnant on it twice. So yes. It’s possible.

Yes. Especially if you are taking the mini pill.

The pill is not 100%. You still have a chance of becoming pregnant even if you take it EVERY day, at exactly the same time and making sure NOT to take any other meds that would cancel it out!!!

Ask me how I know


Were you not educated when getting the pill

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I took mine on time every day and still fell pregnant twice. I was even using condoms aswell :woman_shrugging:

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Any time you’re having sex it’s possible to get pregnant hun. But it’s better to take it around the same time everyday!

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Former pill taker. Expecting May 6. Yes, it’s VERY possible :sweat_smile:

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Yes i even got pregnant on the evra patch.

Yes, they say the pill is 99.9% effective if taken at the same time every day. When you take it daily, but at different times, that percentage drops, although still remains rather high.

Yep that’s how I got pregnant with my 3rd

Yes especially if ur missing pills

I took it exactly the same time everyday and got pregnant, it’s not 100% effective even taking it properly

I missed one day on the pill and got pregnant with my daughter

My son came from the pill. I took it religiously every day at the exact same time. He’s now almost 18 months old

yes, i have 2 pill and condom babies

It’s possible to get pregnant even when taking it like you’re supposed to. Hell you could use a condom on top of pills and still become pregnant. People who have had their tubes tied have still ended up pregnant. Anything is possible

You can get pregnant on any BC whether you take it on time or not

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Yep!!! Got pregnant with my first because of that (but I knew the chances of it and we were kind of not stressing if we got pregnant or not). My second I was taking it daily, but the pill really screwed up my body and I fell pregnant (this one is not planned but I’m currently 31 weeks and I’m excited!!

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Yep cause in that 30 minutes you miss it, you can ovulate

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Yes it’s possible but not as likely. I have 9, none of them were conceived while I was on the pill. On the weekdays I took it at the same time, but on the weekends I would sleep later so it would always be a couple hours off. Never got pregnant while I did this but there is always a possibility because everyone’s different.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. It’s how I became a Mom! I was taking it at bedtime (around 9pm) every night for years. Missed a night, took it the next morning 6am but got pregnant.

Jasmyn we were just talking about this

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Yes, but I took it same time every day.

You should be fine if it’s within 3 hours.

Yes it is…happen to me

Yep happened to me with my daughter

I sometimes don’t take mine til the next day and I’m not pregnant

I took my pill every day at the exact same time for months and still ended up pregnant 11 months pp.

It’s only so effective as it is, I have a 14 & 7 year old that both defied the 99.7% effective odds against the pill :laughing:

Seriously? Please dont have sex. You are too simple to be having kids.


You obviously didn’t pay attention to the doctor that gave it to you.

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The pill isn’t 100% safe even if taken the same time every day so there is a risk if you are on the pill

Yes. The doctors literally tell you to take it at the same time every day or you’ll risk getting pregnant. Maybe you should listen.