Can you get pregnant on birth control?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 8 months and since around out 5 month I’ve been gaining a bit of weight. I took a few tests and they were all negative. But within the last few weeks, I’ve noticed I’ve gained a bit as well as being super moody, craving cake like crazy, my bladder is half the size it used to be, and my breasts have grown a small bit. I have the Skylaa IUD, so I don’t know if it would be possible. (I know it is, but it’s a small chance).

What do you guys think?

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Might also.mean ur happy with ur relationship

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Spend $10 n take another test or like Kay said maybe you’re indulging a bit n over analyzing? If you are pregnant u need to be at the obgyn ASAP w that iud in


I think if you was pregnant by this point it should show up on a test? Get another, go to the doctors maybe?

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Take a blood test at the doctor’s office it will give you a true result

The iud could be making you gain weight.

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I’d say your finally in a happy relationship and are just gaining weight.

go to obgyn and get blood drawn

When you gain weight you gain boob’s at least that’s how it was with me b4 I had my daughter I’ve never been as heavy as I am right now

Go see a medical professional. It would give you a more satisfying result than the psychic abilities of the internet.

It may be from hormones in the IUD itself. If you want to be sure, ask for a bhcg blood draw.

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I had pregnancy symptoms this past week and actually just went to ER yesterday it hurt so bad… I’m not pregnant :frowning: I’m on the implannon

The hormones in most IUDs and other birth control hormone pills etc actually work by tricking the body into thinking you are pregnant and so won’t allow you to produce the hormones and other things in order to get pregnant . This could be why you have the pregnancy feelings and signs . But consult your doctor .

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I showed negative on my tests until I miscarried…three times.

Take a pregnancy test. But believe it or not people who are happy in a relationship tend to gain weight. And weight gain can make your boobs bigger. Birth control can also make you gain weight.