Can you get pregnant on birth control?

Hey ladies has anyone gotten pregnant off the Implant birth control before , and if you have it can you explain if you like it or regret getting it


If you’re talking about the one in your arm my friend had it, got pregnant and ended up miscarrying the day before it was supposed to be taken out.

I had nexplanon in my arm took it out 2 months shy of 3 years got pregnant 3 months later unprotected sex and no pregnancy while I had it my periods were irregular tho

I got rid of it for only being on it for 3 months. I was bleeding for 3 months straight. When she took it out, it was broken in half.
Once I got it out, we decided to have another baby. It took 3 months to get pregnant.
I hated the implant! Will never do it again. Worst 3 months of my life. On the upside we got pregnant faster with this baby then we did with our son.
As soon as I got it out, I missed 1 period but then I had 2 regular back on track periods.
I will never get mad at my period ever again for bleeding for 3 months straight like I started my cycle.

I have the implant, had it since my daughter was born in Aug of 2017. No issues!

I got pregnant on it and was probably one of the worst birth controls I have been on. beyond painful…traveled in my arm.