Can you get pregnant on Depo?

I’ve been on the depo shot for almost a year and I missed two weeks. The doctors said my test came back negative but too early to show so try again in two weeks. Has any mommy have this experience and was pregnant?


Yes ma’am missed it by 2wks an ended up with my son that same month

I missed my shot by a month and wasn’t pregnant. Normally if you have been on it for over a year you are good


I got pregnant with my son on the depo shot and I didn’t miss a shot took it every month and I end up pregnant


Thats exactly how i ended up with my daughter

I got my shot every 3 months and missed by 2 months an still didn’t get pregnant

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I was on depo for years. Me & my husband didnt get pregnant for 2/3 years after i got off of it. But it affects everyone differently. I wasn’t fertile at all once I quit getting the shot.

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Since you have been on it so long, you should be fine. I was told that once I was approaching my 3rd shot, I would be ok up to 2-3 weeks late. My doc actually gives me a 3 week window to get the next one.

I was on the deplo shot for my first baby which unfortunately miscarried and was still on it for my 4 year old and after that I simply decided to have him take care of himself before we ended with a surprise. My 3rd was planned and still no baby after 2 years of him taking care of himself instead of me using BC

Missed my depo twice for two months, and I ended up with two kids lol. Just make sure you use alternative contraception until the next test

I was on the deposit for 5 years faithfully and i missed 2 shots and ended up pregnant.

I had 1 shot after birth and 16 months later I got pregnant

You’re not pregnant. I got off mine a few months ago. Had a few semi normal periods, am now two months late…all negative home tests (took 4) and a negative HBC test from doc. Your body can take up to a year to go back to normal after depo. So now i have to be put on pill for a little bit to get me regular again.

I got pregnant with twins while on depo - OB said it must’ve been a bad batch :see_no_evil::joy: