Can you get pregnant on Mirena?

Hi, I was wondering if you could post this question for me, has anyone gotten pregnant off the Mirena IUD? I’ve had it for almost a year now and have been having pregnancy symptoms but can’t tell if it’s an irregular period or not


Sure can, I have heard plenty of stories

Had one for 10 years. I have pregnancy symptoms sometimes or period cramps as well. But no scares or babies

Yes you can get pregnant on them. Have an almost 11yr old due to a failed mirena

Yep. Several of my cousins has gotten pregnant with Mirena, I’ve been using Paragard IUD since 2008, 0 pregnancy scares for me.

My friend did, she ended up losing an ovary and the child. When I had it in I always took a test once a month.

Any hormonal birth control can give you symptoms like your pregnant.

It does happen but it also has similar side effects to pregnancy. Take a test just to make sure you’re not.

There is no 100% effective birth control

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When I had the mirena my period was extremely irregular and I felt pregnant literally all the time. It’s because the mirena actually tricks your body into thinking it’s already pregnant so your egg doesn’t drop. It was so miserable for me, I had to get mine removed after a year. Not to mention mine also fell down into my vaginal canal and was stabbing my partner during intercourse and that was the luckiest outcome possible. If it would have fallen to the side it could have punctured my Fallopian tube and killed me, but of course my doctor never mentioned anything like that before I got it put in. Good luck mama :sparkling_heart:

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Ariana Weldon has. I have mirena currently and have found I get pregnancy symptoms during the weeks before I’m supposed to get my period. I’ll have the morning sickness, swollen breasts, sensitivity to smells, the whole works. I’ve had it for a year and a half and didn’t start having those “side effects”/symptoms until about 6 months ago.

Yes, Got pregnant with mirena my daughter almost 2.

I didn’t get pregnant on mirena i had the 5 year one

I’ve had mirena for about 3 years and Nothing! But I don’t think it’s impossible. Just take a test or go to your obgyn

My 3rd pregnancy was with the Mirena but I lost the baby very soon after they removed it

I’ve had 3 mirenas never got pregnant on them

It’s definitely possible. However most pregnancies end in early loss. Or will end when taken out as they can’t keep it in. Nothing is 100%