Can you get pregnant on Nexplanon?

So ive been on nexplanon for almost a year now… I recently have had unprotective sex with my boyfriend a few times & these past few days ive been really nauseated, migraines & just super tired. Have any of you mommas had anything similar ? Or have any of yall got pregnant while on nexplanon? Ive also taken 2 pregnancy tests but both were negative. :heart: please no bashing or rude comments only looking for advice. Thank you!


Maybe you just have a cold? I have alll those but I’m currently sick

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It’s not unprotected if you’re on BC… And there’s always a possibility of pregnancy, even with BC. All you can do is test 2 weeks after intercourse, or go get blood work done.


No birth control is 100% ive gotten pregnant 3 times in 3 different birth controls… I would go get a blood test just to double le check.

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my breasts are also leaking… Tmi

Nexplanon will give you pregnancy symptoms without you being pregnant it’s a side effect (been on nexplanon for 6 years)


Take into consideration how much sleep you’ve got how much or little food you’ve eaten, what your water or liquid intake is, if you’re overworking yourself, if you’re stressed, if you missed your period. For more clarification, take another test if you’re still feeling like this, you can have a blood test done if you’ve missed your period.

It can give you pregnancy symptoms…
I have the nexplanon and I occasionally get flutters and feel very ill and I know damn well there is no chance of pregnancy because I haven’t had sex since my youngest was conceived 4 years ago :slightly_smiling_face:

Im going on my 5th yr with nexplonon. And my fiance had went in me and i never got pregnant. I use to feel the same way after it happened but My OB said its the birth control doing its job and fighting against the sperm.

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Nexplannon gave me bad pregnancy symptoms

Hun we have all had unprotected sex before. If you don’t want a baby then protect yourself. An if I was you an I was still feeling bad go to the Doctor there are alot of colds an virus going around. you might have just pick up a bug.

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No birth control is 100% effective. There are plenty of non pregnancy reasons for the symptoms you are having, wait until 2 weeks after intercourse and then test, if its negative and you still feel off, go to the doctor for a blood test.