Can you get pregnant on the IUD?

i have a 6 month old and when she was 8 weeks i got an IUD. we have had sex since but we waited like we were told to make sure we didnt get pregnant . well I have been feeling like I did when I was first pregnant with my daughter is that normal has this happened to anyone else?


Which IUD did you get. If you got the one with hormones like the Mirena it’s common to have pregnancy like symptoms. I got them all the time on the Mirena. Among many other symptoms.


IUD pregnancies happen more often than you think :upside_down_face: i would test to be sure and follow up with your OB​:blush:


U should test n follow up with your dr! I’m in the military n one of our sergeants got pregnant on the iud and she had it in for awhile found out at 26 weeks she was pregnant nothing is impossible :slight_smile:

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With my first iud I felt pregnant several times. But never was. Did a lot of research and it’s very common. My ob said she only new of one of her patients to ever get pregnant on one was bc she was before the iud was placed. But my 2nd lid(mirena) I haven’t felt that way but I also haven’t had a period for 3 yrs. I love it.

Yes I got pregnant twice with the iud

Oh yeah. I swore I felt pregnant multiple times both times I had my IUD. Never was tho.

I felt like it but I wasn’t

It’s possible to get pregnant with an iud, also I’ve heard some of the iud actually male you feel pregnancy symptoms.

Test, but it’s not uncommon to have some pregnancy symptoms from the IUD.

Normal with an IUD. It changes your hormones.