Can you get pregnant on your period?

So my bf and I had sex.
On a Saturday I started my period, pretty heavy.
On Sunday, period still heavy that day and we had sex that night and he came inside me, no protection.
Monday and the rest of the week, my period isn’t has heavy, light for a few days and the rest of the week I was basically bleeding old blood. I have my period for 7days.

However, google says that if you have sex while on the period, the sperm can last up to 7days before finding the new egg. So therefore, getting pregnant while on the period is possible.

My question is: anyone went through similar and got pregnant??
My friends swear up and down that getting pregnant while on the period is almost impossible and the chances of getting pregnant in the first place are slim to none.


Yes it is possible. I conceived both of my kids while on my period


Sperm does not stay in the body for 7 days


I’m just going to give you the scientific insight and say it is possible to conceive on your period. The only sure fire way (in theory) to not get pregnant is to get a strip that tracks LH levels. A surge in LH means ovulation will soon occur (within 12 to 36 hours). An egg must be fertilized within 24 hours of ovulation and sperm last for 5 days. So if you wait 3 to 4 days after your LH surge you will avoid pregnancy. While yes, sperm do last 5 days, every woman is different. Not every woman ovulates on day 14, but it is a set in stone rule no woman can ovulate without the LH surge.


You’re fine but stop being stupid and use protection


I got pregnant with my twins on my period

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Unprotected sex while you’re on a period? I’d tell your partner to get his bits checked! :see_no_evil::confounded:

Getting pregnant ON a period when you AREN’T ovulating?? IMPOSSIBLE!


You cant ask people to determine this for you. We dont know your ovulation cycle… however, i can say its highly unlikely because this happens every period for me now

God a lot of y’all are rude af, but yes it is possible to get pregnant on your period.


Track your cycle to figure it out. Sperm lives up to 5 days, typical cycle you ovulate 10-14 days after your period, you are fertile 5 days before you ovulate and typically 1 day after then body absorbs egg and you get your period not long after. So unless you have super short cycles yeah sure it’s possible but you also dont have to ovulate to have a period.

Your period is a time of rest for your body. You wind up heavy bleeding. Tramping. Blahh. Feeling. Wait till your cycle is over. Douch. Then resume your sex. Life. First day of period. Day 1. The 14. To the 18 days are when you ovulate. And Can get pregnant then. You need to keep a journal.


Orgasm(the woman) can actually shorten/lighten your period. Although slim change you got pregnant while on your period it is possible, but I would not be concerned about being pregnant at this point.

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Any thing is possible. Use protection. Be safe.

Are your friends licensed medical professionals? If not, go talk to your doctor!

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I got pregnant with my daughter on my period

You have to be ovualting to get pregnant. Now if you happen to ovulate IMMEDIATELY after your period and MAYBE if the sperm stayed alive long enough to catch that egg, then yeah I guess you could, but I don’t think thats the cycle for most women. I think women usually ovulate like 1-2 weeks after their period. But idk i cant speak for all women. So just do the math hun.

If you have sex, unprotected, you can get pregnant,period ( pun intended hahaha). No but seriously.

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You can get pregnant while you’re on your period, but the chances are actually low. It’s mostly when you’re having sex towards the end of your period, If you’re really concern you should talk to your OBGYN.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get pregnant on your period?

Yes i did this pass October…just had my twins on the 29th

Anytime you have unprotected sex you can get pregnant

My first child was conceived on my period

Yes, it’s unlikely but possible, especially if it’s towards the end of your period.

I did with my second child.

You’re period is the great time to get pregnant.

A person can get pregnant during their period, but it is unlikely. A person is most likely to become pregnant in the middle of their menstrual cycle, which is when the ovary releases an egg in a process called ovulation


I’m sorry to sound rude but if you have to ask that you probably shouldn’t be having sex

Your fertility period starts about 14 days after your period


Yep, I did in October… due in two weeks.

Yup! Some people ovulate while on their period


If I have sex while on my period it does sometimes stops it for a bit. But I also had monthly bleeding while pregnant so won’t know unless you test

Mine would stop if we had sex while on my period. The doctor told me its from my uterus contracting so it stops my period. However, you should always check with your doctor.

How far along are you do you think you are?

Have you taken a test?

Your body can start to produce colostrum from 6 weeks pregnancy onwards so if you think your only just pregnant maybe your further along then you think.

You can induce breast milk though without a placenta from.too much breast and nipple stimulation

So is the discharge thick and a light yellow colour or watery and a white/cream colour?

Otherwise some breast discharge can be a symptom of breast cancer.

Stress can also delay and or stop your period along with some illnesses.

Nobody knows for certain, go to the doctor get a blood test done mention your lacation too.

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Even if you were pregnant you shouldn’t lactate until after you deliver so I would check that out cuz it could be breast cancer.


Yes, you could get pregnant at any time of month. Ovulation isn’t really on a strict schedule and can vary

Definitely 100 percent if the eggs still their yes

Sex usually always stops my period.

Yes definitely possible. But maybe too soon to test accurately

You should go to the doctor and find out.

Yes that happened to me, my period completely stopped and it was because I was pregnant.

It may not have been a period. But it takes 6-12 days for implantation to occur that’s when your hcg starts rising which is when it would show up positively on a test.


Yes you can cause I did

Wait and see or go to your doctors

What happened to me was i got pregnant before my period but i had inplantation bleeding for 2 so i THOUGHT that was my period.


Of course you can mine are 11 months apart.

Got pregnant on my period with my son!

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You should take a test, it could have been implantation bleeding.


You can I believe and you can even have periods while pregnant because I had my period for the first like 3/4 months when I was pregnant


Yes I would take a test and follow up with your doctor.

You sure can! I was pretty sick and having treatment at hospital, my partner and I got intimate ONCE on my period and my daughter just turned 4 :joy:

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I did right on the last day twice so yes

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You can but it’s not like you have sex today and it stops tomorrow. Takes longer than that

You’d have to have a very short cycle but yes. You’d still get a positive or negative roughly 10 to 14 days after ovulation.

It could have been implantation bleeding. If I have sex on my period it stops completely so I will use it to my advantage. Everyone’s different doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant but good idea to get checked out or take a Plan B within 72 hours

Yes you can just like you can get pregnant from pre-cum

If you have sex you can get pregnant

Unlikely …
But anythings possible :woman_shrugging:t3:

Its better to do it in the beginning if you don’t wanna get pregnant but towards the end of your cycle you can get pregnant

Yea. I did for my daughter and then again for my son :flushed::laughing:

Got pregnant on my period with my son… but my period didn’t abruptly stop

Yes my friends mom got pregnant 2 times like that

Yes, many people have figured they couldn’t get pregnant lactating, but then they get their period. Remember, you ovulate, release an egg two weeks before you get your period.

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Yes but having sex on your period helps end you period sooner too

Did during mine my 11 yr old was a complete surprise we were told I couldn’t get pregnant anymore surprise here comes our son.

Yes I got pregnant that way with my 4 year old

Yep. Mom to a 10 year old that way.

I never did but I just think anyone can get pregnant anytime they have unprotected sex

I don’t think so the menstrural cycle is there to get rid of the egg and the lining of wall where the baby implants into is being shredded away

I got pregnant right after my period

Yes you can. you can pregnant at anytime

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I got pregnant during the last day or 2 of my period. Both times :joy:. I have an irregular period though so I’m not really sure if that plays a part…

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Yes you can! I didn’t think so but I was wrong lol

Following; bc same :joy::joy:

It is possible you were already pregnant and your body didn’t recognize you were??? Especially if it was light or spotting it could have been implantation bleeding


Oh fuck. Guys. I gotta be honest I didn’t think you could… So I let my dude cum in me last night :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

omfg wow some you women mate thats disgusting :100::gun::poop:


Yall get 1 week out of every month and you still can’t take a break :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Im not dissing anyone but this is basic stuff that should be taught in sex ed. This is why we need better sexual education in this country. I’ve been so many girls who had babies cuz they thought they couldn’t get pregnant on their… I also have had to talk to many women down from hysterics because they thought that somehow they could get pregnant from swallowing a man’s sperm. Sad

Actually sex during menstruation if climax is reached can help shorten or stop your period as it contracts the uterine walls causing the lining to shed much faster.

Definitely too soon to tell but pregnancy is definitely possible. Also those of you judging for having sex on your period… grow up :joy::joy::ok_hand:t4:

Yes that’s how I got pregnant😐

It’s possible but not likely.

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I did. Both times. Lol

you can get pregnant on ur peirod,Off ur peirod, When ur ovulating… Even if u wear contraception. Or Use contraception

basically u can get Pregnant whatever you do


Yep sperm lives inside you for about a week so if you ovulate early boom there’s a baby.

But ummm fuck that :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

I thought you can only get pregnant when you ovulate and realise a egg? That’s normally day 13 and Ur period is day 28 onwards?


Yes, low chances but definitely still possible.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get pregnant on your period?

Possibly because semen can live in you for up to 5 days after having sex

If you have a short cycle
Depends How long ago was the sex? You ovulate approx 2 weeks before next period is due
Having sex on your period would have nothing to do with it stopping tho
If it was near end of period then you might be in fertile window if you have a shorter than average cycle

Ummmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow: and when was the last time you had sex to be lactating already? Technically, pregnant women can leak colostrum towards the end of the pregnancy. Milk doesn’t come until after the baby is born :joy:
You do know that milk like discharge from the breast can be several other things which are a sign you need to get to a doctor :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yes! Definitely can. I say wait a few weeks and take a test.

I did. I got pregnant on my period with both my children.

Maybe that was one time when you should have used the headache card

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Yes and chances increase in the later days of it.

Sperm can live inside your body for up to 7 days

Yessss :white_heart: I got pregnant with my son on my period :pray:t3:

Bloody looking like a crime scene did you put a towel down…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get pregnant on your period?