Can you get pregnant right after your period?

Hi moms out there! I was wondering if you could get pregnant a day after your period? I had unprotected sex on the 4th of January. Well just yesterday I’ve been having pinkish discharge here & there following into this morning. Could it be implantation bleeding, early spotting, maybe a little left over from period? Thanks in Advance :blush:

it takes two weeks before the egg will be fertilized i think the one that you experiwncing right now is maybe from your period

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I got pregnant 2 days after the end of mine… only time I could have had sex as my ex lived in a different country and the only time we did the deed.

You can get pregnant anytime! Unprotected sex could very well = baby.


It is possible. No ones cycle is always on point (including medical reasonings and chemical balances) and you can release an egg during your period also.

If you’re ovulating then yes, you can get pregnant

Buy some ovulation strips.

You can get pregnant at any point. Period.

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Yes you can. It’s even possible to get pg when you are on your period. Small chance but still possible.

That’s how I got pregnant with my second child

yes u can thats how i got with my first and also at time we didnt think could get pregnant and did.

You can’t get pregnant at any point. You can when you ovulate which is unlikely tge day after but sperm can l8ve for a few days and its very possible to ovulate shortly after your period.

Its a possibility, and it doesn’t take 2 weeks for implantation. It can occur as early as about one week or as long as about two weeks or anytime in between.

It’s possible. It’s also possible that you are ovulating right now.

I agree with the ovulating. If you are trying to get pregnant look into NFP. There are many great apps that will help you track all the signs of symptoms of peak ovulation days. God bless!! <3

U wouldn’t really know until u took a test. I actually got two periods in one month and it seemed so strange, It took me weeks to get a positive test. Even went to the drs twice (they never did a blood test) but yes u can get pregnant whenever.

You can get pregnant while on your period.