Can you get pregnant right before your period?

Has anyone had sex right before their period started and fallen pregnant from it?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Can you get pregnant right before your period?

How close to your period did you have unprotected sex?

Technically yes you can if you ovulate later then you are suppose to but the chances are very slim because ovulation is usual at least a week before your period.

I have had sex during my period and ended up pregnant with my oldest but not at the beginning.

My friend got pregnant the day before her period was due. It was the only day she had sex that month

But I also have irregular periods

I got pregnant on my last day of my period. It just depends on your body, how your cycle works.


You can always get pregnant ?


You ovulate 2 weeks bfor your period,and speem lives for 72 hours

If you ovulate late or have a short luteal phase I believe it’s possible, but then the lining would possibly be too thin to implant. but not likely otherwise


I got pregnant from having sex in the middle of mine

Although it is possible to get pregnant in the days leading up to your period, it isn’t likely. You can only get pregnant during a narrow window of five to six days a month. When these fertile days actually occur depends on when you ovulate, or release an egg from your ovary. Directly from google😅

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I’ve gotten pregnant after my period.


Implantation of an egg can cause spotting which can be heavier for some than others

Some have pinkish discharge some like myself can have slight actual bleeding for 2-3days

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Sometimes yes, but most of the time it’s during your period and after because that’s when you ovulate


u can get pregnant at any time Basically before, after, While u are on ur peirod anytime q


It depends on when you ovulate. Some women as crazy as it sounds have gotten pregnant from having sex during their period and I have no idea how that works because I didn’t think you could have a period and ovulate at the same time. I know 2 different people it happened to though. I also have a cousin that got pregnant having sex the day before their period.

Maybe they should teach a class to teach ppl how pregnancy works :woman_shrugging:


You can get pregnant :pregnant_woman: any time really. Not all women ovulate the same. I fell pregnant two days after my period with my daughter :woman_shrugging:

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Yes that’s how I got 2 nephews

Yes not all women ovulate on normal cycle.


Umm no lol everyone saying yes was pregnant within the last 14 days before their period lmao. You do not get pregnant right after sex it takes 3 to 7 days to have a fertilized egg be connected to your uterus lol.

Yes. You can ovulate anytime during your cycle. I have ovulated both early and late in my cycle. It takes 6-12 days for implantation to occur as well.

You can get pregnant anytime you have sex

You can also get pregnant while on your period sperm lives inside the body for days and as soon as an egg is released sometimes multiple they do their job :grimacing:

You can get pregnant at anytime, there is absolutely no time when there is a zero percent chance of pregnancy.


It’s unlikely but possible. You normally ovulate @14 days after your last period based on a 28 day cycle. So there’s usually a window of 48 hours after you’ve ovulated to fall pregnant. But we sometimes have rogue cycles so it’s definitely possible.

Anything is possible

The amount of women that don’t know how their own bodies work is astounding :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


Sperm can live 10 days inside a :woman:.

You always have a chance of getting pregnant if you have penetration with a penis without a hysterectomy (or born without a developed enough uterus/no tubes) if you were born female. Lol.

It can happen at any time during a cycle you just have more chance of conception when your ovulating

I got pregnant on my period

Your egg only lives up to 24hrs after it’s released… it’s extremely**** unlikely! Not impossible… but the likelihood of it happening is like 1 in a million.

Any time you have sex, you can get pregnant. Unless you don’t have a uterus.

My sister got pregnant on her period lol

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My period baby is about to be 9 months :grimacing: just for more reference about when a woman can get pregnant I also have a birth control baby, a tracking my cycle baby, and a pull out baby :woman_shrugging:t4:


What trips me out is when women say they fell pregnant. You get pregnant or become pregnant what is up with the fall.?


Honey I got pregnant on my period. It’s all in how your cycle is. Every body is different.

I can’t believe how many women are ok and open about having sex on their period, times really have changed lol

Yes before and after are your most fertile days

I have 5 kids and can tell you, you can get pregnant before during and after your period. Doesn’t matter.


I do not ovulate like a “normal” female. I ovulate a couple days right before my period. Always have.

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Yep. I did. Twice. My boys. My girls were after.

If you have to ask this question you are too young and/or too uninformed to be having sex.

Yup. Conceived on the Tuesday, had morning after pill, period due on the Saturday. Saw GP on Monday and told him I was pregnant :joy:


Not trying to yell but this is basic biology---- penis+vagina=pregnancy

Sperm can live 3-5days inside of you, so yes. You could possibly ovulate during that time becoming pregnant

It’s sex. Before or after u can get pregnant. I mean really…

Of course - that’s when you’re *most fertile …

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If a penis enters your vagina, you can get pregnant. Doesn’t matter when.
Good lord.

You can get pregnant but you have to ovulate and release an egg right before. If that happens, you generally have a medical condition causing it. Typically people who have regular cycles ovulate around day 14.

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I got pregnant on my period…


Had sex August 3rd period august 4th and got pregnant

Yup. I actually ovulate the day after my period ends.

You can get pregnant at any time.
Full. Stop.


I got pregnant day after I finished you can get caught anytime love. Before,during,after


Sperm survives for 5 days so yes…you can fall pregnant at any time in your cycle

Ummmm? Should u be sexually active if u have to ask this?


Sperm can live inside for several days

My cycle doesn’t work that way, and I can feel myself ovulating. But that’s only the case for me. I wouldn’t expect anyone to have the same cycle as anyone else.


Yes it is VERY possible. I have a 22 to 24 day cycle. So RIGHT after my period, I ovulate within a day or two. My period lasts from 7-8 days so yeah it can happen. The best way to keep track is to learn your body. Learn what the different vaginal discharge means throughout your cycle.

Better go back to sex ed.

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Anytime. Knock it off :rofl:


Honey you can get pregnant pretty much any time I got pregnant with both my kids while on birth control. If you can get pregnant on birth control you can get pregnant right before your period


You’re having sex but don’t understand the basics?

Please get on birth control before you lower the gene pool further.

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If you didn’t use the necessary protection…of course you can be pregnant…

Why don’t you Google your dumb questions?


All depends on the swimmers…

If you don’t know the answer to that question you shouldnt be having sex straight up

Yes. It is less common than later in one’s cycle but not unusual.

You’re not most fertile during the beginning of your period. You’re most fertile towards the end, closer to ovulation.

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