Can you get pregnant while breastfeeding?

So I am 2 months pp With baby number 3! Doctor told me if I was actively breastfeeding then there is a slim to none chance at getting pregnant. Well I was still post bleeding til about 3 days ago lasted very lightly for 2 weeks but my question is we have used condoms but had one time where we just wasn’t thinking and forgot to use one, since I am breastfeeding and was still post parttum bleeding could I have gotten pregnant still? I know there’s like a possible chance but since my cycle hasn’t returned didn’t know if this had happed to any other mommies!


Yes it can happen i got pregnant when my first was 6 months old I was breastfeeding exclusively and hadn’t gotten a period back yet

Breastfeeding is not a form of birth control. It can prolong your period but you can still very well get pregnant while exclusively breastfeeding. :person_facepalming:


You’re extremly fertile the first 6 mo I believe…breastfeeding does not stop your chances of getting preg

What a load of crap you can’t get pregnant because your breast feeding!
Your first 3 months pp you are most fertile in your life it’s very easy to get pregnant.
I got pregnant with my 3rd 3 months pp and my 4th 1 month pp

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That’s how I got pregnant

You’ve gotta do it religiously, like there’s specific time frames for everything and if you mess it up a little bit, your risks of conceiving again are higher.

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Yes it can. I gotten pregnant the same as this.

My friend got pregnant with twins

You can get pregnant my moms doctor told her that and here I am

Lol, some silly questions with interesting answers on this page.

I was feeding my middle Child when i got pregnant again i didn’t know for a couple months cause the breastfeeding threw my period off

If you are not abstaining from sex and have no fertility issues, there is a chance. Breastfeeding is not birth control. And your probably more fertile and likely to get oregnant right after you have a baby because your hormones and body are still open. I’ve known people to skip waiting and got oregnant within a month

Omg, I have heard of that before, you might want to get a pregnancy test.

Everyone is different …breast feeding stops your period…so without birth control there really wont be anyway to tell without a test…my brothers wife thought she was fine since she was breastfeeding …hadnt had any problems for over a year…never got her period back the entire time… then one day she finds out shes like 8 months pregnant …she put the weight gain off as just from breast feeding n stress…the kicks she was feeling thought it was just gas lol…i mean to her benefit that was the shortest pregnancy ever but you should get some birth control if you dont want any more right now…just to be safe

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You can totally get pregnant while breastfeeding

I cqnt believe your dr told you that, thats completely false.

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It’s less likely…but you should get on bc or use condoms

People get pregnant while breastfeeding all the time

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Um… just cause you’re breastfeeding doesn’t mean anything, you still can get pregnant. Just like having sex in the shower or standing up. Birth control and condoms don’t even stop pregnancy. My twins were birth control babies and my youngest is a condom baby.


You dont have to get your period to ovulate

If you’re concerned about getting pregnant, there are birth control options that are safe during pregnancy. If it was less than 72 hours ago you can ask your lactation consultant if it’s safe to take Plan B.

Breastfeeding in no way , shape or form is a preventative to getting pregnant


While breastfeeding does lower your chance you can still get pregnant. I was super lucky and didnt getmy period back for almost a year and half after I had my son but it is different for everyone.

Exclusively breastfeeding is 98.5-99.5% effective in preventing pregnancy. However, “exclusively breastfeeding” is more specific then people think. You must breastfeed on demand (usually every 3-4 hours during the day, and at least every 6 hours at night), no food, no bottles, and nursing for comfort as well (no pacifiers). Your baby must also be under 6 months and your period must not have returned. If you’re practicing this sort of breastfeeding then the chance of pregnancy is practically zero during the first three months, and less than 2% between 3 and 6 months. However if you’re having sex, there’s always a chance!


I exclusively breastfed and my oldest two are 11 months apart, so you can 100% get pregnant. Happened with my sister too


lol the theory you cant get pregnant while breastfeeding is about hte same as not getting pregnant on birth control there is always always always that chance.

Yeah that’s an old wives tale… you can ask my mil, she has 3 babies conceived while bfing, and they were all regular big eaters…

You can get pregnant breastfeeding however while breastfeeding your period will be on vacation for MONTHS! I have been breastfeeding for over 4 years straight…2 babies. No period no pregnancy but dont get it confused with being invisible when it comes to sperm lol. Once you have a period that whole you cant get pregnant while breastfeeding rule goes straight out the window.

Sure, the whole “can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding” is a very general statement. There are parameters as far as how often you have to be nursing and night time has more specific amounts. I can’t remember the specifics, but a lactation consultant I follow on here has specified it before.

My youngest is 17 months and we’re still nursing, but my regular period returned at like 6 months pp. Any time before you’ve had several consistent periods, you just never know when or if you’re fertile.

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Oh no. Many gals pregnant by 6week post p. Check up.

You’d still get pregnant, you’re still fertile. Breastfeeding doesn’t stop you from getting pregnant

That’s the dumbest PP thing I have heard so far. No way ANY doctor would EVER say that.

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