Can you get pregnant with expired birth control?

I have the birth control in my arm and it expired on March 31 and I have a Dr appointment to get a new one on may 1 but my question is can I get pregnant beween then? Has any other moms got pregnant and if so how did u find out?


I had the nexplanon and it took almost a year to get pregnant. And like 3 months for me to even get my period after getting it out. It stays in your system I guess for a month or so according to my dr

I went over by a year and a few months, I didn’t get pregnant x

You get depo shot? Well my friend got pregnant on the birth control and I’d say yes so :woman_shrugging:t4:

You can technically get pregnant on any birth control as they aren’t 100% effective, but even after nexplanon expires, the hormones will continue to be in your system for a few months to a year. That’s why so many women have a hard time getting pregnant immediately after coming off contraception.

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Yep. Had expired nexplanon. Got it out March 27 of 2017. Found out i was 5 weeks pregnant on April 30th of that year. So i had already conceived. Here’s the result lol


Yes. When in doubt always use a back up method (condoms).

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You really want to test it… not!

I got pregnant on the pill… Didn’t find out for 3 months. No morning sickness…no missed period (or so i thought)… Nothing… Then finally never got my period… Thought i was a couple weeks…first doc appointment i was 13 weeks.

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If you are not taking birth control consistently, or on brithcontrol consistanly there will always be a chance you can get pregnant.

Yes! Just wear protection and or don’t have sex during that time!!!

Yes, got my nexplanon taken out a few months before the 4 year mark (in Sept of 2018) got pregnant in Oct 2018 and am expecting my princess in August :blush: I was so surprised at how fast and easily I got pregnant cause I thought it would have taken at least a few months and it was like less than a month and I conceived. I knew I conceived when my I could smell like a blood hound, my boobs got sore, and mikes hard lemonade gave me a headache and that’s never happened then I was a week late and bam it was solidified and confirmed with a faint pregnancy test

Just incase don’t have sex

Yes they don’t say 3 years or just before 3 years for no reason :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I was pregnant within 3weeks of having if removed.

Reality is, no birth control is 100% effective (except a hysterectomy). I would suggest a back up form of BC until you get back on

Your birth control is EXPIRED which means yes you can get pregnant. In the mean time use other birth control methods. Maybe see if you can get an earlier appointment?

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Nope… It will continue to work… Mine worked for 5 years. I just took it out last week

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It depends on the woman. I know they say when you have the iud it can take up to 6 months for your cycle to return and over a year to get pregnant. I got pregnant 3 months after having it out with having pcos and endometriosis

Don’t count on protection from the expired Rx…it MAY still have efficacy, but I wouldn’t count on that!

I got pregnant with the nexplanon implant in my arm…didnt knw for awhile.

Tell him to wear a rubber

You should use back up birth control(condoms) and abstain completely for 2 weeks prior to the insertion of the new implant.